It’s Now Illegal To Be Homeless

It’s now illegal to be homeless, at least in Columbia, South Carolina.  Homeless people are set to be shipped off to a camp on the outskirts of town – but the kicker is that the shelter only has 250 beds, which are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Once you’re in the camp, there’s no way of leaving, and there’s no room for the other thousand homeless residents left in the city.  Sound too crazy to be true?  Just wach the video below.

And it’s not just the homeless who will have a tougher time.  People and organizations that wish to support or feed the homeless must pay a fee and obtain a permit 15 days in advance.  One affected charity, Food Not Bombs, said they now will have to pay at least $120 to host their weekly free meal picnic, in which they offer free food to anyone who needs it.  The organization has been holding these free picnics in Finlay Park every Sunday for the last 12 years.

According to the group’s organizer Judith Turnipseed, “We have no formal organization. We don’t have a 501(c)(3). We’re just a group of people who come to the park and bring food and share it with anyone who comes. That includes people who are homeless, and people who have a home but are hungry. It’s a people’s picnic.”

The government of Columbia has even removed several public benches from downtown areas, and have encouraged citizens to be ready to call police if they see anyone suspected of being homeless.  Do you think that this is the job of the government, or have they stepped too far?

Read the updated story here.

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  • debbiegreeneer12yes

    I live in Lexington, SC, which is about 7 miles out of Columbia, SC, and about 25 minutes to the state capitol building near areas where many homeless find shelter for the night. This just makes me sick, but the city government of Columbia is a screwed up mess anyway. I don’t expect less from them than something this cruel.

  • doc8406

    Does anyone know which specific politicians or persons are driving this new change? Is there any effort to involve or help local nonprofits actually help homelessness?

    • Kenny

      The object is not to ship out all homeless people,just get them from hanging out downtown in the business district where after hours a lot of burglaries, car break ins…etc are attributed to these individuals. The vista being one area with a high number of both. I have a business downtown and the same homeless people approach me constantly asking for money for bus tickets,car broke down, all kind of bs excuses..they do this so much they don’t even remember approaching me the day prior. They post up and wait on people to go to their cars,will bang on your windows, will come inside your business and act a fool but will leave if you give them some money. Not all are like that but as w any other situation in life the bad few make things hard for everyone…

      • Virgil ‘N’ Marina

        Sure hope you’re never homeless or hungry. “Mr. Downtown Business Owner”

        • Ryan Craft

          You’re an idiot.

          • Chris Holland

            you are a piece of shit.

          • Prudence Dagg

            Chris, you have some valid points, but you don’t know that he hasn’t had some bad experiences. People trying to make their way in the world should ideally have the opportunity to do it, too. He specifically said, “Not all are like that but as w any other situation in life the bad few make things hard for everyone…” He wrote “few.”

          • Kamil

            In fact! You are a piece of shit!

        • Chris Holland

          i hope he does becom hungry and homeless, than have a dick business owner talk about him like he is trash.

      • Nicholas Morici

        I sure hope you don’t think EVERY homeless person is coming up with bs excuses.

        • Chris Holland

          i was homeless before, if you don’t use b.s. excused you go hungry. i got more help for asking for b.s. stuff than sitting with a sign saying im hungry.

          • Guest

            I’m sorry but there is a difference between a person who is simply down on their luck and someone who sits around asking people for “b.s. stuff”. I know people who have been down on their luck and completely turned their bad luck around. If you have enough time to sit around all day and ask people for “b.s. stuff” than you have enough time to fill out a job application. I do know homeless people who have employment. IT IS POSSIBLE. So stop. Your point is invalid.

          • wylde1

            There is a difference between someone who is genuinely down on their luck and someone who sits around and begs for “b.s. stuff”. I know people personally who have been down on their luck and completely turned their bad luck around. If you have enough time in a day to ask random people for “bs stuff” then you have enough time to fill out several job applications! I do know homeless people who in fact ARE gainfully employed. IT IS POSSIBLE! So stop arguing. Your point is invalid.

      • James Nimmons

        usually homeless or not..such actions get you a trip to jail ….try that

      • Chris Holland

        you sir are an ignorant peice of trash. people have to use these excuses because of assholes like you. they can’t just say they are hungry, they won’t get anyhelp. plus you ever think that the reason they are out there day after day asking for bus tickets is because bus tickets nowadays cost alot of money? my little brother rescently became homeless again in tn, to get him back here it will cost 450, ive been homeless and its impossible to make that much in one day. plus if they dont make the bus ticket in 1 day, than they have to stay the nite. which means what money they had will have to help them buy food and what not. you are an ignorant piece of shit. you see needy people asking for help and you demonize them. people like you need to be hung.

        • Bruce Flingsting

          When you can justify your compassion with logical excuses talk to me. Because I take care of homeless and have been homeless and I think you’re just a babbling over-emotional kid. You are just spewwing troll words behind emotion fueled logic.

          Every person in this world should have the chance to live a good life. However, we don’t in a world where fair exist in an absolute truth. So grow up man and realize that you need to be respectful of both kinds of people.

          Go ahead, spend all your money on homeless people Chris. Tell me what giving endlessly gets you? (Sacraficing yourself? You are such a great person, sacrificing yourself for a bunch of people, but you have no desire to help in real ways. Help isn’t giving someone the fish, it’s teaching them how to fish.)

          • Devin_MacGregor

            Go away addict. Fix your addiction first and stop asking for our confirmation of your views. Quit with the preaching.

  • gamecocks

    first off this was months ago, second, they did away with that decision. do some research and don’t repost every freaking thing you read on the internet

    • Chris Holland

      just because they reversed doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be made aware of attempts like this. our biggest mistake as sentient beings is not being able to learn from the mistakes of our past, and history repeats its self. so it’s good to know that some douche bags tried this so we may be better prepared if such a thing comes up again later on in our lives.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        Implying being homeless is a religion and not the result of a lifetime of poor decisions and poor envoirment. Get a grip man, are you homeless? Have you been? (I was homeless for 3 years.) You don’t want to be man. And I personally think being Homeless is for deadbeats. That’s why I’m not homeless anymore.

        IT’s a combination of depression and apathy. I didn’t want to help anyone but myself and I was for sure not about to help this government. I turned my life around after looking at where I was and realized this isn’t how a person should live. All the tools for success are around you, use them.

        Please do not give sympathy to most homeless people. I was homeless because I was an alcoholic and everyone in 4th Ward Street was homeless because of a narcotic, drug, or alcohol addiction. I have only met 3-4 people homeless because of an action not their own, but they still played a roll in it.

        These are decisions these people made in their own life that got them here.
        They weren’t born homeless. Being homeless isn’t a gender, an occupation, a religion, a race, or anything of that manner. It’s a result.

        We are not talking about domestic abuse victmis. We are not talking about mentally ill people out on the streets. We are talking about people begging for money on the streets not doing a damn thing to earn it. After making poor decisions that got them here. Let’s get realistic here.

        • Bruce Flingsting

          It also isn’t someone being down on their “luck” if you think bad luck leaves someone homeless and not bad decisions. You are incredibly naive. Not trying to say it’s bad, but please just realize this because it’s quite humurous watching you get up in arms about something you just are passionate on without knowledge. Sure treating people with respect is important, and you should treat homeless with respect, they are people. But man, you shouldn’t feed them on silver spoons and enable them.

          • EquityTryce

            I totally agree with you Bruce. My own mother “put herself there”. She chose to be born (back when she was a sperm and an egg of course) into an abusive home where she was physically and sexually abused. She also chose to have teachers and social workers not believe her only to be returned to her abusers after asking for help. You’re right, she totally chose the streets, because had she not run away like she did, she wouldn’t have been a homeless teenager. I know a lot of people that choose circumstances like this, having worked with troubled youth. We should not enable them at all. Nevermind the silver spoons in all of their mouths, why give them spoons or anything on the spoon at all?

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Helping isn’t giving a man a fish, it’s teaching a man to fish.

            Please learn the difference between enabling and helping.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Wow. your mom had a shit childhood…. For the last time, it’s not about the hardship itself it’s what you gain and how you progress. All you’re doing is making excuses for her, yourself, and other people to justify their life. Whether you like it or not, or realize it or not, that is what you’re doing.

          • Anonymous

            A person’s poor decisions do not warrant the loss of fundamental human rights.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Define fundamental human rights? OWNING property? BUYING food? and ACHIEVING success? If you fucked up, you fucked up, you gotta take accountability for it and stand the fuck back up. This is the society we created, however instead of letting it’s flaws motivate change, we let it exhaust us into defeat. That is your own fault. I see the flaw in the world I want to do something about it, but I have to be realistic. I have to take care of myself first in order to establish a foundation to help others from. Being selfless doesn’t make you a better human.

          • Omar

            Wow Bruce. You’re a clown. Just because you were a worthless dead beat doesn’t mean every person in that unfortunate situation is also. You’re a fool who needs to stop thinking you’ve successfully changed just because you’re not homeless anymore, and understand there is MUCH hardship and trouble and life that comes to you unwillingly and through no fault of yours. Not everyone chooses their problems or chooses misery, just because you did doesn’t give you the right to make some ridiculous blanket generalizations. Too silly.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Misery is optional.

          • Sandy

            Bruce, God bless you… it’s hard to not enable folks who are down in their luck, but you are right. We can have empathy, but enabling really doesn’t work effectively to get folks back on their feet. At some point, you have to decide when you have had enough of the streets.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Thank you, I know it comes across as vulgar and harsh. But it’s life. We created this society, and you can’t change it if you let it dominate/control you. You create the world you live in by your actions and your understanding of your perceptions.

            I’d rather give jobs to homeless people to reboot their work ethic. Teach them about programming. And open community college classes to homeless so they can read and write more effectively.

            If we could give them the tools to get out instead of enabling them to continue living like this. We could make a difference. But people always think giving more is the answer. Because it’s selfless.

            HUMANS ARE SELFISH. FACE IT. By trying to deny this, I’d argue you’re not from my species. It’s in our nature to feel greed and jealously and to want. Why deny this? At the same time, do not let it control you and remember to be empathetic on your way. But remember the difference between enabling and helping.

            Helping isn’t giving the man a fish, it’s teaching a man to fish.

          • Sandy


          • Polyhymnia Victoria Zukic

            I was almost homeless I was adopted at 17 but the people wanted someone they could mold to their image. Since I was already my own person they decided it was easier to get ride of me… they put me onto the streets after my first year with them I managed to beg them to call my boyfriend, they let me stay 24 hours… My boyfriend took me in. We are now getting married and have a son… but If he was a day later in getting to me I would have been homeless. All because I had the ill fortune of being adopted by the wrong people.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I am sorry this happened to you, but you need to realize once again decisions to decisions decisions. You got the short end of someone else’s decision. It was poor management of the adoption agency/care takers to let those people adopt you.

            Once again, there are circumstances that need special care. However I’m not talking about those. And nor is this article. People really believe life is out of their hands, when they have just determined that because they let other people dominate their life. I really encourage you to seek insight from within and learn from that incident.

          • Polyhymnia Victoria Zukic

            Oh don’t be sorry. I look at it as a life lesson. Those people had unrealistic expectations… I also think the camp thing I what the governments need to do… but they did it wrong… I think they should build a huge shelter and help them get back on their feet. Some just need a leg-up. Some are teen runaways with nowhere to go help them, some are drug users clean them up get them a job, Some got dealt a shit hand in life like I did but were not as lucky as I was so help them. I know that not all homeless can be helped but the government should work at helping the ones they can help. But only do it once. Have the program be a second chance you blow it your on your own. That way you can help those who need it and not cause future enabling. Those church groups being bullied for feeding the homeless can go to the shelter and feed them there. The better your progress is going the better food you get. But you have to join the program/shelter to get anything and when you are on your feet give back to the program that helped you.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I think there a huge difference though between truly homeless and troubled youths unable to find a home. (troubled refer to their experience, not calling the individual trouble). Troubled Youths are issues that should be attended to before they get this back. We let children grow up in-a fucked up world and say this is it. Instead of letting them decide for themselves. When you give a child freedom but knowledge on how to use that freedom, they are incredibly dangerous with how much they can achieve.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            Devins right 100% and there really is no point wasting time with people such as yourself.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “just because you did doesn’t give you the right to make some ridiculous blanket generalizations. Too silly.”

            And what gives you the right to state
            “Not everyone chooses their problems or chooses misery, ”

            Please, just stop you are in a constant movement of circular logic, all of you. Because you don’t understand what’s going on. You are unable to divide the people who are homeless and realize abused women and mentally ill are society’s wrong doing. But a majority of homeless arn’t that. You are making a generalization. Wake up and realize it.

          • KimberCollins

            “but a majority of homeless aren’t that”

            So because most aren’t let’s forget about those that are in need of simple help by just not creating the opportunity. Even when it could be as simple as turning those away who obviously just have a drug problem.
            This article never specified what type of homeless person, it said homeless people.
            Your experiences are not others. They have left you hard and bitter. You didn’t get or take the honest help offered your way in times of need so why should anyone else need or want the opportunity? Pathetic.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            See here is the thing. This article is complete bullshit. The bill was struck down long time ago. However, if you’re a sane person. You shouldn’t even have to explain this. I’ve stated it a bunch of times. Those are different cases. We arn’t talking about people who are mentally ill or domestic abuse victims. We’re talking about full blown homeless people who have created a lifestyle of anarchy and personalized freedom.

            I really challenge you to address the real issues. What people don’t get is that you. not me, you have aligned homeless people to include people “deserving” of homes. (I don’t think anyone deserves anything besides compensation for hard work. You have to earn things) But it’s clear shop owners are tired of beggers.

            Left me hard and bitter? So if my experiences are mine… You get decide how they left me? Please take your emotional filled defensive statement elsewhere.

            Keep emptying your pockets for homeless people. I promise you nothing will change besides your own life. and not for the better.

            You don’t know these people. nor do I. But I have talked to more of these types of people then I bet you have (I could be wrong, but I am assuming). You baby these people now. But where were you when they were actually going through the shit? You think being homeless is being in the shit? It’s the rock bottom and the result.

            We need to get these people perspective and reboot on life. instead of just a crutch. Please wake up people.

            “You didn’t get or take the honest help offered your way in times of need so why should anyone else need or want the opportunity?”

            Once again, you don’t know that. You’ve only made an ass of yourself by literally doing what you said I was wrong for doing. Please just stop. Admit you don’t know everything and I might have some insight in this.

            Im not saying all homeless individuals are there because of shit they did. However life is a series of decisions we make. So no matter how you look at it, technically speaking they did it. However, I’m not that anal. You just need to realize hat’s how life works, it’s all based on decisions and how you react/respond. Life is INCREDIBLY simple, we just over complicate it. ANyway, homeless that are being described as this, are deadbeats. People who seek more money while they’re homeless, instead of opportunities.

          • Andrew Jones

            Bruce I was Homeless from the age of 19 and I am now 28 and still homeless let me explain something to you. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRUE HOMELESSNESS BECAUSE IF YOU DID YOU WOULDNT BE HERE SPOUTING THIS CRAP. You are sitting here just trying to gain attention by posting this kind of stuff so what you had a problem with alcohol and you eneded up on the streets dont think for one minute you are better then people that are homeless because if you dont remember were you brought yourself from then you will eventually end back up there. I have seen the drug addicts and alcoholics that are homeless I have seen the people that are homeless because of one thing or another but dont sit here and say that it was someones choice to be homeless,I wish to god everyday that I could find a job so that I can get my own home and have a nice soft bed to sleep on. Dont sit her and condesend people because they are homeless you should be trying to help the ones you can instead of sticking your nose up in the air like some snob thinking you are better then them because when it comes down to it you are no better then anyone on this earth.We were all made and we all bleed the same color which is red remember that the next time you walk past someone that is homeless that on the inside they are just like you and bleed the same color you do.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I am not homeless anymore. I am sorry you feel this way. But let me point out this: I am not homeless and I did things my way. You are still homeless…. As cruel as that sounds. You did nothing but fill your statement with excuses.

            I don’t care what you call me or any of that crap either man. I am me, you dont have to like me. but I’m not going to help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves and be real about a situation.

            “We were all made and we all bleed the same color which is red remember that the next time you walk past someone that is homeless that on the inside they are just like you and bleed the same color you do.”

            Your decisions separate you and me further everyday.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You also clearly haven’t read anything I’ve said. And you’re taking all of it out of context if so.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            By the way, you’re proving my point by stating “I wish everyday to god I can find a job or a home” You realize these are things you have to get up and do. You have to be the one who adjust. Life isn’t going to adjust around you.

            Please wake up and smell the world you’ve been living in. You have to genuinely want to help yourself and get out of that situation. Wishing, whether you were stating an idiom or being serious will not bring you success. Cowboy up friend. It’s possible. No one is better than you. And no one is better than me.

            You also clearly haven’t read anything I’ve said. And you’re taking all of it out of context if so.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            LOL, you have been making generalizations all along and implying you have a right to make your statements condemning people to their plight as being only their fault.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “have a right” gave me a good laugh. You are incredibly hypocritical.

            So when it’s all said and done and you get shitted on by whoever. It’s not your problem to deal with? It’s not your life anymore? You can magically hit a reset button.

            All I am saying is you will waste time and energy and emotion focusing the blame elsewhere, if you can’t take accountability for what you did first.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            That is not all you are saying. The right you are claiming is me being hypocritical is you making a blanket statement about all people as if you know all people. You are the one making generalizations and then claiming logic is behind you. You are an addict still. You just do not understand what your drug of choice is now.

            Your comment to me is just asinine. It is not my fault if I get laid off. Did I say though that I just sit on my ass? No, but it was not my fault I got laid off. What if unemployment ends and I cannot make rent or the mortgage? Again my fault? What if no jobs exist that would allow me to pay rent etc? Again my fault? What if I have no family to turn to? Again my fault? This is why you are an ass. It is a complete waste of time to focus on why you got laid off because it was not your fault. Are we supposed to assume that well gee if I worked harder I would have never been laid off so I must have been a bad employee? Do we beat ourselves up for it? Then what? Well I lost my place to stay because I am a bad worker and got laid off. Then what? Well I don’t have a family because I never made one. No body loves me because I am an asshole so it is all my fault I lost my job and then I lost my home and am now on the street.

            See what my fault was in this case was even replying to someone like you. I have seen many like you. It is a complete waste of time and energy because again I am talking to an addict. I am accountable for what I do not what others do to me. I may get to choose how I react but that does not mean it is my fault as well.

            Get yourself back to those meetings and get over your addiction first before you give others advice.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I don’t have to know you. But I do know a fact about you: YOu make decisions whether they are “good” or “bad” doesn’t matter. What matters is you make a decision, you make an action, you behave. You have good intentions behind these actions that motivate you to do said actions. If I’m wrong… Where is the jar in which your brain lives inside?

            I’m just stating my view of simplified people. Your present life is a result of your decisions in the past. Everything you do matters because you’re the only person you can control. You can’t control the weather, your mom, your dad, your teachers, your president. You can’t control a damn thing besides yourself. With that said… Suddenly… Everything in your life is not your fault? Okay… So if something tragic happens, you don’t respond/react to it? You sit there and ignore it and suddenly end up in a hard situation because…..????? If someone dies, YOU get sad. The dead person doesn’t make you cry, it’s YOUR reaction. I’m not trying to say it’s a bad reaction. I don’t think you can say anything is truly bad or truly good. (You can have your opinions. but in the grand scheme of nature. There is only what happens… sadly)

            There is no right or wrong to how you should feel, it’s your emotions. However you control what you do because of these emotions. I hope you grasp this concept. And most mature adults do, because we try to consistently teach it to our children so they can have self-discipline and confidence in who they are.

            That’s just the fact of the matter. You can argue it all you want and deny it, but I still think it’s true because it’s logic. It’s painful to realize because it means as a person we’re not the center of the universe who knows everything. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t get upset or get mad or even that someone can be perfect. I think we punish ourselves way harder than we should and don’t see mistakes as learning opportunities.

            I have learned it to be called being mindful.

          • hannah

            It’s people like you that are are what’s wrong with this wotld, Bruce.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I’d disagree, but that’d be bias. I’d say people like me are the ones who see the world for how it is and know where to take it to make it better for everyone. You can’t make something better if you are denying the reality in-front of you.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            your’e a pawn on a chess board.

        • Abbetira

          Man are you judgemental! I had a head injury and was very sick. I had no family to take me in. I ended up homeless and was not a drug addict. I have a college degree and have run numerous businesses. I worked all of my life and had a run of bad luck. Just like many others. To compare your situation with others is insulting and ignorant. Sounds like you are still making poor choices by judging others.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Insulting? lol. Sounds like you just made a decision to be insulted by something that isn’t remotely “insultive.” I stated my story and what I learned from it. Heaven forbid it offends anyone.

            You don’t get fucking civil rights for being offended. You don’t get a home for being offended. You don’t get a god damn thing in life for feeling anything. You have to put action behind thought.

            If you continue to deny this. Please comment on this in 5 years and lemme know how you’re doing. I’m still going to be in school. I find an education is an incredible opportunity. Community college in my area has since opened a recovery project to cleaning up homeless shelters in between homeless stays. (This isn’t for the homeless individuals though. but it’s to help the shelter themselves and the workers who help the homeless. Which is also incredibly important. and I’m sure most of you don’t even fucking consider)

            All I here is GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE. You’re defying nature. Humans are instinctively selfish. That’s why you all get so offended when I say you’re wrong. hahaha. You think you’re right and you want yourself to always be right. It’s the way we are. Nature given or god given.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            I challenge your 5 year experiment with one of my own. It’s the 20 year experiment, you know, the one your children/grandchildren will live in. It’s a numbers game buddy and there’s only so much to divide and split amongst people. Oh and dont forget to account for greedy self-centered egocentrics like yourself.

        • Kenneth Michael Mooney

          You obviously don’t know 1/2 as much about being homeless as you claim. Most of your statements are just plain wrong, the rest, pure speculation. Losing a job isn’t a “decision” made by someone, and in this economy that’s all it takes sometimes, those living from paycheck to paycheck only need to miss 1 or 2 to end up on the street. Check your facts before you spread more lies, most homeless people are not only deserving of your sympathy, they are worthy of your help.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I encourage you to read more of my comments instead of just this one made out of frustration of people who really don’t understand true homelessness. Not every homeless person is an abused women or a mentally ill person. Those cases are special, and should be treated as such. That’s implied man. But you fail to realize living paycheck to paycheck is a choice in-fact is a series of choices piled up that put pressure on a person to continue. You make your life.

          • Rob

            Living paycheque to paycheque is a decision though isn’t it? Your response is invalid! People control their own destinies, and if they are incapable of this maybe they should be coralled together to make it easier to carry them through life.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            it’s funny. Almost every rebuttal I’ve read off my statement has false logic in it. People contradict their beliefs all over with stating emotional rage.

            Yet they don’t have a dog in the fight. I’m going to do what I’m going to do and make an actual difference and help people that want to help themselves. They can keep giving out sandwiches so they feel better about themselves.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            I hope your ignorance truly is as blissful as they claim.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Ignorance is bliss. Your ignorance brings me this same bliss as both my ignorance and my acceptance of knowledge.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            btw “facts” The only facts I know are the ones that are absolute. Like In a capitalist society/economy you have to work for money and money is how you buy property.

            It baffles me how you tell me to look at the facts.

            How about another fact: You have a choice to react or respond to situations, regardless if you’re the one who makes the decision. Therefore there is always a choice.

            Go ahead and deny it. doesn’t bother me. ONly makes my point more valid as you continue to live your life ignoring blatant observations and the truth. It’s all good.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            I have to work for money to buy things yes….what YOU’RE forgetting, is I don’t DECIDE how much money is worth, what it costs to buy things, or what my work is worth. Try telling the same thing to someone living in china, or shit a third world country…WHAT YOU FAIL TO REALIZE is there is a world outside of your own little bubble

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You sir are correct, however you can work more and make more and work harder and go farther. If you’re not seizing what’s for the taking or seeing a problem and finding a path to fix it, you shouldn’t be complaining, that goes for me too. All I have stating is the absolute simple facts of the world we live in, not the bubble I live in. You have to assert yourself and do things to how other people want to in this world. Not your own standard, however you can use your own standard to inflict growth in the areas of your life. If you disagree, I’d say you haven’t even tried yet.

          • Guest

            Here’s the difference between you and I. I use Empathy, you use sympathy. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you just want to make someone feel better.

            Homeless people are people…. We should treat them like such.

        • Anna Savage

          That was your situation. Many women become homeless due to domestic violence. That is an example of a reason that absolutely is not the person’s fault. How dare you judge homeless people in this way? You don’t know it all because of your own personal situation. You sound extremely callous and selfish. Sounds like you have a lot of therapy to do.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Or you have more therapy to do because you’re unable to love yourself and other around you while protecting yourself first. This is the world we live in, please wake up. We want to and can change it, but you have to see it for what it is and accept it first.

            Domestic abuse and mentally ill people who have ended up homeless are different cases, however that isn’t the issue being addressed with this at all. Those cases should be handled in a completely different manner. You can’t treat someone who has been abused and had their freedoms stripped away the same as someone who ends up homeless for poor decisions.

            You all are so close minded into helping people you just focus on one side of the issue and say fuck the other side. However while there are two sides to the story, there is only one truth and it is a combination of both.

            Separate the domestic abuse and mentally ill cases from this.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “Absolutely not the person’s fault.” This sounds terrible but you need to understand decisions include innocent ones like getting married that have good intentions. (We all have good intentions.) It sounds rough, but the present is the result of all your decisions combined from your past. The sooner you grasp that, the sooner you start taking advantage of it and seeing your true potential. We always let people boss us around and shit. It’s terrible, and wrong for them to do that, but we fail to realize it’s also our fault too in a way. We don’t stop, risk, or assert ourselves because we don’t believe in ourselves. So please, don’t speak to me about this when you know absolutely nothing about me or what I know.

        • Robin

          I’ve been homeless off and on for almost 35 years. It wasn’t because I was shiftless and lazy. It wasn’t because I was depressed (although that helped me get that way.

          In this Economy it’s especially not true that you can ‘work your way’ out of being homeless. When there are 1000 people who show up for 300 jobs at a job fair, then there’s something deeply wrong.

          Nice you were able to get out of your circumstances and not be homeless anymore. But don’t think that it’s something that ‘everyone’ can do. And unless you’re making millions now, stop crowing about your ‘success.’

          • Bruce Flingsting

            The longer you blame something the longer you will not solve your problem. That is the key to your issue. The economy isn’t the issue. The economy is doing whatever it’s going to do. You can still seek to work hard at the small things and build piece by piece.

            I would like to state I hear people, and I did try to state in another response a lot of people end up homeless due to poor environments they already lived in at home. Life isn’t fair for anybody, but making excuses and justifications for being homeless only makes you accept it.

            Sure accept it, but now do something to fix those reasons.

            You want to talk about hardship. I met a twenty year old kid who was making it for himself working but everything stopped when his mom died. He ended up homeless and eventually jobless for 3 years living on the streets. His father died as a boy and his brother also turning homeless after turning to his ex-girlfriend to help. The kid said “enough is enough, I don’t want to be trash. I feel like trash, not because of what someone else did to me, but because I allowed this to happen to me.” He used change and bought one razer a cloth and dove dish soap and maintained decent hygiene. saving up just to get that while survivng in soup kitchens. He didn’t prepare himself for this, and we think, no one could. That’s because we are use to being privileged. And we don’t understand hardwork. and I mean that, even me. I am an incredibly hard worker, and that kid is me and I rose out of that shit, but give me a break. Hard work is success at death.

            I’m not stating we should kill homeless, nor should we exile homeless. However, it wouldn’t be bad to give them a shanty town. (No not like a municipal section that they could turn into Arkham city.) A recovery center, where people actually get help and turn there life around instead of food and some church… Let’s get real people, you want to enable them. Where as someone from this shit, wants to fix it.

            You can’t prevent homelessness but you can sure as fuck do something about it besides enabling them to continue it. You have no idea how brutal the thought of being homeless is. Pure hopelessness. However to change your situation you must first take accountability for it and learn from it. Shit happens and we need to face that, but it’s how you recover that matters. And you get no points for not recovering. I don’t want to hear anymore fucking excuses. You don’t know a fucking thing about life until you live outside of your own. I had everything and then ripped away because one person died. I reacted to that death instead of responded. I didn’t get my shit together and handle the gravity of the situation. “You’re being too hard on yourself.” No. I’m just being me and taking accountability for what I did.

          • Derek Lee

            I agree completely, so many homeless blame everyone and everything, but will never say hay I screwed up.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Everyone does though, it’s all just being human. Once you embrace your flaws and start critiquing yourself honestly and with ease, you can learn from your mistakes and create a better life for yourself.

            So much of life depends on your mindset, it’s sad to see people be so definite without reason. Life is about an honest balance in my opinion.

          • Neeks

            You are trying way too hard to prove a point that can change in the blink of an eye depending on the person and/or the situation. You cannot generalize this matter now, or ever.

            They have to live with themselves, it is none of your business what they have done in their past. It is not your job to shed darkness. rather you should be forgiving and accepting so that they may forgive themselves one day and move on.

            By having an attitude such as this, you are only adding to the overall problem. It is possible for a human to give another some hope, you know?

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Who said a blink of an eye? Change doesn’t occur in an individual. Learning and growth does. Change is the observation.

          • Neeks

            We would be observing, seeing as we’re external from what we’re talking about. The change would be happening because of their own learning and growth, yes, that is correct, but it is then observed by us, incrementally…

            P.S That was completely irrelevant from what I was actually trying to say.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            One could also instantly state vice versa. I don’t believe in good or a bad personally dude. I just think people make negligent decisions in their life and fail to realize how big of an impact they could actually have,

            For example: Not going to school. Hanging out with friends instead of studying, spending money instead of saving. The small shit adds up and can leave you in a shit situation. It’s not about bad or good. I believe (My opinion) that everyone has good intentions. (Think Hitler even. he killed people. but in his perspective, he had a good intention. It was sick and fucked up in my opinion but nonetheless) It’s about taking accountability for the life you have. Whether you got dealt a short hand or fucked it all up yourself. It’s your life, it’s not going to get better unless you make it.

            Also I will go ahead and state it is far easier than people make it. Life is 100% in your mind and how you think.

            I’d state a strong person is someone who can stare pain, hate, adversity, hopelessness, and vulnerability in the face, whlie not denying it’s there and smile with positivity.

            “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            All of your information is so true…yet so vague and simplistic that it lacks any merit whatsoever…all of what you say is correct, but lacks any solutions to ANY of the true problems at hand…very simplistic..You give logical examples of how someone can end up in a shitty situation, yet fail to delve deeper into WHY people do these things…we as humans react and respond FIRST to our environment, granted you could claim our environment is purely dictated by our choices, but i say no matter what, you cant deny, NONE of us have a choice in the environment we are PLACED in. We and our future generations face much greater problems than your nostalgic 1950’s “work hard enough” claims. Sorry the streets are not paved with gold.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Life is simple, we make it complex with how we interpret what’s right in-front of us.

          • Kyle Allen Gregg

            Sorry my friend, but the universe thats “right in front of us” is uniquely interpreted by each viewer. You seem to forget your’e only one entity and, sorry, but what you interpret may be real and true for you, but not reality for others. Glad you live in a rainbow land filled world with laffy taffy roads and tuity fruity farts, but the world…REALITY, is not that way for others. And to understand another’s reality, will always be a complex matter, not simple. You speak of empathy yet seem to not know the meaning of the word.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Perspective is reality.

            Notice how what you said was incredibly over-worded and complicated. Yet I said what you were trying to say in three words.

            Life is incredibly simple, humans over-complicate it. You speak of knowledge to me, but have not even considered mine.

            “I know nothing”

          • Sandy

            He’s trying to tell everyone that anyone can get out of being homeless… he has a right to tell his story. You told your story, and all of your information had merit, too.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            He is not telling his story he is preaching as addicts do. He dropped one addiction for another.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I’m sorry that my passion for sharing my insight bothers you. You seem to not have a problem sharing your insight about me though. Whether it be true or false.

        • pinkberrygrrl

          Not to negate your experience, but some people are homeless simply because they don’t make enough money to afford a home and they have no support network to help. I know two women–both with children–who are living that way now. Also, some have serious mental illness and are without insurance. They can’t get the hospitalization/medical care that they need.
          I acknowledge that some are on drugs, but maybe they take the drugs to make their plight bearable. As you know, it’s ugly out there. Even if they are addicts, we don’t allow dogs to live on the streets, and prisoners of war are entitled to housing and medical care thanks to the Geneva Convention. So, why not put these folks in actual apartments and provide them with needed medical/dental/psychological care? Many are veterans. Let’s try treating them like human beings and see where that takes us. Abusing them has failed.
          Oh, and I think you should know, I work with homeless addicts in a state funded rehab. When given some options and treated like people, they actually get better. Amazing.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Giving people options like “Would you rather have clam choweder or a ham sandwich”


            “would you rather begin recovery with psychology, school, or work?”

            That’s all I’m saying. You have to give them real options.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            Why can’t they be offered both? Why is it or with you? So they do not need food and shelter during that recovery process? One of the problems in the past with welfare was once you got a job it cut you off immediately when you may not get paid for several weeks. I have had jobs to where your first pay check does not come for 3 weeks. For some that means not making rent or utilities or both.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I’m not saying they can’t? I’m saying, it’s not enough…. And giving them straight money is wrong and not providing them the foundation and structure to maintain stability in their life. So give them an education and a job. Just the chance to do things themselves while in their situation instead of stuck in it being fed.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            NO you were giving an or situation not saying besides offering a meal and a place to sleep they need to offer ways to get out of being homeless and stay out of being homeless. See how the wording is different? These programs btw do exist but they cost money and We the People do not want to pay for them. So much for your capitalist spiel. Talking with a friend today about this very topic it is still a problem with welfare overall that when one gets a job they cut you off. Most do not get paychecks right away. I know when I have started new jobs I had to wait 3 weeks for my first paycheck.

            Now on to your previous capitalist spiel do you think it is awesome for some drunk ass like yourself to get free training to say get their MCSE while my company will not pay for me to get one nor do I have the money for it on my own? And if I am able to get a loan for it are in debt for years to decades while your bullshit mistakes get you free training? And now your ass hops to the front of the job line while I never get a return phone call? Gee, all that talk about capitalism sounds a lot like COMMUNISM to me. You know something you said never works. And btw these would be socialist programs and even if private entities did the training they would be doing so with govt funds. Read as tax dollars. Again we call this socialism. You have another word for it COMMUNISM to which you said never works.

            So what you only want capitalism when it suits you and communism when it does as well? Fuck everyone else. What about the CCC camps that FDR implemented in the 1930s? Without googling from your library computer do you know what those were? Do you know why they were implemented? Do you know what the conditions were like at the time?

            Now again you are still an addict and there is nothing worse that a recovering drug addict to preach to people in the self righteous approach you have calling people pussies etc. You are still an addict. You just chose a different substance this time.

            If we were face to face and you called me a pussy I would punch you in the throat and watch you choke.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You spew to me the world is different, which is what I agree. yet you spend the other paragraphs telling me the one way it is.

            The fact you even get this upset proves to me you don’t know a fucking thing about any of this. Because you’re not confident and you don’t know. Go ahead and keep talking mate. You can punch anyone in the throat, it doesn’t make you smart enough to make out the shit you can’t understand.

            I laugh every time you call me an addict. Is it suppose to offend me? Grow up kid. I’ll let my actions do the talking since you’re unable to think outside your life. (inb4 you say “says you”.) I am using my experience to motivate me to be open minded and realize anything can happen in any given moment

            Life gives you a shit hand. It’s still your shit hand. You can’t just drop everything and cry. I don’t need to punch you for you to be a pussy man. Suck it up and realize you’re a big boy and the world is at your finger tips no matter who you are. The only thing that separates you and these “greedy power hungry capitalist vultures” is the balls to do something.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Here’s the difference between you and I. I use Empathy, you use sympathy. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you just want to make someone feel better.

            Homeless people are people…. We should treat them like such. You guys want to baby them. I want to treat them like adults and help them along their path towards success, not do it for them, nor allow them to be babied.

            The amount of counselors I had at each shelter that tell you how to cope with your situation is shocking. Cope, cope, cope.

            What do you think if African Americans just coped with slavery? Or Coped with segregation? You have to rise up and fix the issue.

            You just don’t seem to see that people have been doing what you’re suggesting for hundreds of years. From Welfare to churches washing homeless feet. Why not treat these people like actual people instead of sub-par humans that don’t have homes. I mean for fuck sakes it’s you people that create the perspective of homeless people. Saying we need to give to them endlessly to support less fortunate… I mean shit like that right there “Less fortunate.”

            By the way, you clearly haven’t read enough of what I’ve said, or you took it out of context.

        • Clarence Turpin

          My dad and I both are homeless and the views express by you saying It’s base on poor decisions Is not really a good one too. We had money,just our place have to be vacated because of black mold. But this Is not the whole reasons why we ended up homeless. My dad Is a two time cancer survivor that had to go through two operations to get rid of the cancer. So spreading hate around toward the homeless people will not solved anything. In fact It will make It worse,because not only do the homeless people have to worried about losing the last thing thing they might have,their freedom. They also have to worried about hateful people being mean to them. You seem to lack compassion and you saying you were homeless. You didn’t really learn anything while you were living on the streets then.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You don’t udnerstand what’s compassion and what’s sympathy/enabling. I’ve got nothing but empathy brother. But I ain’t going to help someone until they help themselves.

            All these people here have no idea what it’s like. And I get a chuckle when people like you come at me. Because you are just a kid who hasn’t realized it yet.
            Here’s what I don’t get, why do you people come at me and tell me you’re different and you got kicked out and are homeless. I don’t give a single fuck why you’re homeless. Both my parents died, the bank foreclosed my house and boom I was homeless. I don’t need to hear excuses. You just need to face up to the facts that there is always something you could have done different. And use that to be mindful about your life in the future. You have black mold in your house. and you were forced to vacate. This tells me either 1) I don’t have the whole story (which I don’t.) 2) You were living in a poor housing arrangement that you shouldn’t have (1 poor decision making you wrong about my theory) 3) You didn’t read the lease agreement carefully and got shitted on by your land owner when he saw the mold so you couldn’t get a temp living arrangement.

            here’s what you fail to realize though life in an accumulation of decisions. Everything adds up eventually. It’s easier to point a finger than it is to take blame. But you will be surprised what can happen to a person once they take accountability.

            Does that sound harsh? You betcha, but it’s empathy. I’m straight up giving you the cold hearted truth in compassion. You are just too caught up in yourself and what you think is right to realize it.

            Even if you do point the blame. It’s still your fucking life. You want to just give up? You want to just roll over and die? Guess what, you could if you wanted to. However you need to realize in order for you to get out of the situation you must do something about it.

            And just getting by… isn’t going to cut it.

          • a2phil

            OK, I guess I’ll make my own way robbing banks, because THEY’RE the ones that got ME into this mess!!!

            Just using your “logic”…

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Actually yes. Legally that is wrong. However logically you have your good intention. You are doing it yourself and you believe it to be right. It’s whatever man. You can take it and make a joke out of it or use the simple insight to better your life. Doesn’t really make a difference.

        • Kyle Allen Gregg

          I guess you’re not aware of the system you are currently playing a role in.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Or I do. And I’m not a pawn in anyone’s instrument. However I’ve been given a life and live in a society full of predetermined paths and routes we’re “supposed” to take. We’re told what’s good and what’s wrong. Why not use it?

            Question everything you’re taught and find your truth while maintaining a sense of reality and realism. For example: Abortion is a fucked up thing. BUT, we don’t live in a perfect world where every child can be a cared for or (sadly) wanted child. So abortion helps this. It’s not a conservative view, a liberal view, it’s a fucking logical view.

            I use the tools in society to climb your own path. Go to college to study what I want to learn instead of getting a degree for a job. You live in-a society where money makes it go around. Money buys your meals, clothes, and your home. You can live without it? Sure. just, not if you’re interfering with other people on their pursuit of happiness (Reasonably). I would hope someone would want to reach a life where money isn’t an issue, and realize hard work builds character and empathy, if you work hard on yourself.

        • Lucy Talkington

          I was homeless. Yes, there are domestic abuse victims and mentally ill people out on the streets, and not all Beg either.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        ” so we may be better prepared if such a thing comes up again later on in our lives.”

        This summarizes my point perfectly. We are naive, all of us and we don’t realize everything could be gone in a moment so we don’t prepare for it. And we blame other people? Okay… Tough fucking luck.

        • j

          Bruce! I just sat here and read the entire thread, you are completely right. Im 22 and already experienced a lot in life though I have been more fortunate then most. Decisions are what shape our everyday lives and our long term lives every second of the day and we make consious decisions to send our lives one way or another weather its an educated decision or not. The world is a tough place, lifes a bitch and then you die, nothing in life comes easy or should be given. We have forgotten where we came from and that we came here to do for OURSELVES! Not to give something for nothing! You are not “entitled” to anything if you want something grab hold of life! the american dream and hardship and go GET IT ! Bruce you should write a book you are obviously highly intelligent and seems you have lots to share. Unfortunately, when you uncover the truth for some in front of them and call it like it is your the monster in denial.. Really enjoyed the thread and to know im not the only one in the world. Stay strong!

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I appreciate your high praise J. I am just a man who found what works. It begins with seeing things for how they are and realizing where you stand in all of it. There are no such thing as limits to what a person can do in this world. We create them for ourselves as we go. So some people need some more time to undue those limits they’ve created for themselves.

            Life is a beautiful thing once you seize it. Once again J I’m very glad to hear you agree, because this means one person who understands and is genuine about making a difference. It’s not about what you went through, or your hardships. it’s about what you gained from it, what you learned and how you use it to make you a stronger and better person.

    • Bernadette

      Do you have a link to a news article stating this so I can show it to my friend?

  • justin w

    It’s sickening!!!

  • Simon Says

    It’s been tried before.

    Nazino Island
    Russian Settlement

    Nazino Island is a desolate, all but uninhabitable river island 2,400 kilometers (1,491 mi) northeast of Moscow. It was to this island that 6,200 people deemed unworthy by the Russian government were exiled in 1933. There were 50,000 people total that were involved in the re-homing program, mostly criminals, those without proper Soviet citizenship papers, and the unemployed. Most were left in Tomsk, Siberia, save the unlucky 6,200 that were moved to what would become known as Cannibal Island.They were given no utensils, no tools, and no supplies. Their only food ration was a supply of raw flour that was dumped on the shoreline, causing a panicked stampede in the rush to get to it. The only water was contaminated river water, and those who drank it were subject to dysentery. Those who tried to flee the island were shot by guards, whether they were men, women, or children. The handful of people who survived their time on the island remember corpses littering the ground, human flesh cut from the bodies and saved to eat later.Originally, Nazino was meant to be a brief stopover on the way to another settlement. It lasted a month, but cannibalism started about 10 days into the ordeal. One survivor recounts seeing a young girl tied to a tree and cut to pieces by starving prisoners. The plan had been approved by Stalin and was the culmination of a 3-year directive to cleanse Russian streets of undesirables. (source listverse)

    • palestinian atheist

      Wow thanks for this. I knew Stalin was a douche but this takes the cake. Not very communist of them to do something like this.

  • ShadowLion

    hmm this sounds familiar, ever hear of the third riech?

    • Mark Warner

      REICH…… Soylent Greeen is next…. Don’t know what that is???
      Rent the movie!!

      • Spencer Charczuk

        Or you could read the book Make Room! Make Room!

        • rhonan

          I’ve read the book, and the movie scenario is much more likely these days. The problem in the book was lack of birth control leading to over-population, while the movie saw climate change as the culprit.

      • phluff

        Did you know there is a food product currently being made called soylent. Twas what I read online a while ago. Dont know what it was made of but it is a food substitute.

        • jon abel

          Probably dead Iraqis.

      • B.B.G.

        Logan’s run? Remember that one?

    • Pb

      homeless hipsters whining about vagrancy laws comparing themselves to victims of the holocaust is extremely offensive.

      • Alun Palmer

        Why? Hitler did exactly the same thing.

      • Corey Conrad

        Good if this offends you them they set out up right. First your offended so people sup talking about it. Then when people are not informed, they take away more rights without you knowing it. Before you know it prison camps are full and nobody saw it coming. Let’s all just be offended so we don’t ever have to see what’s really going on. Isn’t that so much easier. Then everyone can just sit around and wonder how we got blindsided. Sound great.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        Couldn’t agree more.

        • Taranis flapjack

          Best post ever! I totally agree!

      • rent

        you are a stupid person,

      • cablepuller

        So are you!


        Pb-I only hope you lose your job, then your home to see if you think it is still just HIPSTER WHINING! I am Jewish, and the analogy IS NOT OFFENSIVE=while the particulars may not be exactly the same, how the hell do you think the Third Reich got it’s start in the early 1930’s! Pb, try to stop being such an ass!

    • Taranis flapjack

      Third Reich? Comparing everything to Nazi Germany is getting kind of old and used up, using conspiracy theory politics is not helping the poor have homes…

  • Ryan Craft

    I don’t see a problem with wanting to keep beggars and vagrants away from downtown business area(s).

    • Chris Holland

      i dont see a problem with hanging ignorant pieces of shits like you either. just because some one is down on there luck doesn’t give you a right to treat them like trash. if someone is begging for food they need it. people like you need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

      • [email protected]

        Before you go off the handle and keep on showing your ignorance know all the fact one. Jobs are not hard to find in our capital city most just don’t want to. Second 1 out 4 homeless have bused here from out of state or come from a federal prison fact. Two the downtown crime rate is crazy due to homeless. We have wonderful homeless shelters all over the city the problem is most you don’t want to go to the shelter don’t want to follow the rules no drugs or alcohol in the facility. (They do get patted down) So ask you this why make excuses for someone when you don’t know there situation. For everyone person down on there luck there is just another person you put themselves in that situation.

        • Prudence Dagg

          It is more complicated than that. How many places will give you a job without an address or phone number? How many people established enough to have home addresses or phone numbers will allow a homeless person to use those long enough to fill out applications? What about those with criminal records, even misdemeanors?

          I know that, without trying not to, I think from a “privileged” perspective. I’m not a minority; even if, God forbid, my husband and I separated and I was alone with my child, I have family who would immediately take me in. If I had been in jail and had just gotten out, someone we know would give me a room. There are people who don’t even *know* anyone who’s not in equal turmoil. Where can they go?

      • Bruce Flingsting

        Chris, how about you go talk to some conservatives. They’ll probably respond better to instant name calling over an opinion.

        “People like you need to be wiped off the face of the earth.” No. People like you need to be disciplined and learn how to respect other people’s views regardless if you agree with them.

        You can sit here and state whatever story you want to: The facts are this: Homeless people are homeless, they arn’t contributing. A majority of homeless people got there due to poor decisions ( I speak for myself. I am no longer homeless, please note I am typing this on a computer [it is in the library])

        But Chris man, the world isn’t a pretty place, but you want it to be right? I’m not suggesting killing or doing anything like that. What if you gave homeless people a chance to either get off their feet or get the fuck out?

        Here’s what I don’t understand about you dude: We live in a Capitalist economy, under a democracy. We have to work for money, success, and what we want. We have to be the ones to do it if we want it. However once you fuck up enough or get fucked up enough, you get pity… I don’t want anyone’s pity and didn’t when I was homeless. I also do not want some kid who isn’t homeless calling someone else ignorant… You’re not fucking homeless kid nor have you ever been, you are in no position to call anyone ignorant.

        Plus you’re calling him ignorant over morality…. You sir are the only ignorant one here.

        Please just consider this: Have you ever considered that too much giving becomes enabling?

    • SMH

      I wish upon you the misery of these people so that you may understand their plight. You have not been blessed with compassion and an understanding heart. You, sir, are a fool. And fools must always learn the hard way.

    • chris

      because you have more value as a human being, and no one chooses to live a vagabonds life simply because they are better than you

  • clee

    this decision was reversed months ago. please read up before spreading.

    • Rebecca Hannaman

      Still shocking they even came up with this though. First I have heard of this ever.

      • dinkster

        I heard of it back in WWII when American Japanese were interned in the middle of a desert. Nothing new here, sans the guard towers and machine guns.

        • Kolobok42

          Who thought that one up? Oh yeah. lt was one of FDR’s 3500+ executive orders. No worries though, the Supreme Court sided with him so it’s ‘constitutional.’

          • Devin_MacGregor

            So the internment camp in Cuba by us is ok with you? FDR also had CCC camps for homeless. These were work camps. They got paid something like 30 dollars a day.

          • cablepuller

            Are you from Kolob?

    • Erica Chapman

      Clee, YES part of the information in this article is old, however, the law, just as it’s stated here, was passed. It was revoked because of the backlash. BUT let’s remember one thing. There are FEMA camps ALL OVER the country. Do your own research. It’s REAL and it’s happening. Don’t be surprised if you see fewer homeless people on the streets and lined up at the soup kitchens. It’s happening whether it’s public knowledge or not! Don’t be ignorant and trust them just because they said they reversed the law. They passed that law and this one about the fee’s and permits behind our backs! Would you really be surprised to know they do a lot behind our backs? They wouldn’t have passed it if they didn’t already have everything set up.

      • Elena Maria

        exactly erica!

      • Wikilinks

        your an idiot. but there are fema camps i’ve seen one here in ohio with my own two eyes.

    • Elena Maria

      where is the information that shows this was reversed months ago?

    • Elena Maria

      where is the proof this was reversed months ago?

    • Lucy Talkington

      It was reversed months ago. I just checked. Regardless, this is just beginning and if we think it won’t get Worse, well, read the Good Book like I do and you’ll find it’s not a surprise…

      • cablepuller

        Screw your book. A human heart doesn’t need some damned book to know that what’s going on is wrong.

        • Lucy Talkington

          Yes. It IS wrong. My reference to The Good Book was to say those whom read & study scripture know that what’s going on now isn’t a surprise. Regardless of the inhumanity that pummels us daily, we can grieve man’s wickedness toward another human being. It is nothing short of our enemy having a firm grasp on their hearts. I pray G_D shortens the time He’ll send His Son to conquer His enemies.

  • the antagonist

    Yeah, that’s not true. This decision was rescinded last year. Doesn’t anyone do any fact-checking?

  • James Nimmons

    you voted for these nuts.. now deal with it

  • Ian Dean

    did nobody explain to the police and the city officials this is F-ING ILLEGAL?

  • Guest

    Arm the homeless! Pass out the RPG’s & short-arms. Get Ruger or Winchester Repeating Arms 2 do a ‘free sample’ day. ;-)

    • a2phil

      Occupy the gun shops!!!

  • Ron

    that Gt-s tho

  • Rob Mcfall

    Honestly i think its bullshit alot of the homeless are young families and war vet’s that put in time for our country that our own government is killing why dont they fix what needs be like i dont know where to start ill go with get Obama out of the Whitehouse and back to his sandbox in wich he actually belongs

  • Greg Easton

    Internet News Reading 101:

    Read story. Go “huh, that was interesting” and the read it again looking for attribution. Seeing none in this story you then say to yourself “That was interesting. And also complete crap.” and then you don’t repost it to your wall and look like an idiot to your friends.

  • Xai Avalon Tourney

    You need to take this article down and stop writing. This isn’t even valid and it’s pissing a lot of people off for no reason.

  • HateSC

    Even though it didn’t pass, it still was thought of. This is South Carolina, the most backwards ignorant state.

    • Melissa Sharpe

      Please by any means necessary get your ass out of this backward ignorant state. SC hates you too. I hate you even more. Goodbye, you will not be missed. Get the fuck out! BYE MUHFUCKAH BYE!!!

      • Seaworld Information Desk

        Upgrade to the new underwater net.
        So easy even this whale can use it!

        On a more serious note, muhfuckah isnt a real word.
        Think you failed some elementary classes that will benefit you in life…
        Trust me your looks wont get you far.

        • piere

          what’s wrong with you man…

        • palestinian atheist

          Yeah dude she’s a putz but fat-shaming isn’t going to make a productive point. Just ignore the ignorants or call them out on their idiocy….She’s ugly on the inside, that’s all that matters. A lot of these people on this thread are ugly on the inside.

          She’s failed at a lot more than just elementary classes. She’s failed at life.

  • SMH

    Im sorry, but this is jacked up. Whoever made this law should be forced into this “camp”(which is not a camp but a prison if you cannot leave) and beaten and hog tied every day.

  • shadowram

    Our Future

    I’m the enemy. Because I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech, freedom of choice. I’m the kind if guy who would sit in the greasy spoon and think “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the big rack of Barbecued spare ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I *want* high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese alright? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinatti in a non-smoking section. I wanna run around naked with green jell-o all over my body reading a Playboy magazine. Why? Because maybe I feel the need to okay pal? I’ve *seen* the future, you know what it is. It’s made by a 47 year-old virgin in gray pajamas soaking in a bubble bath, drinking a broccoli milkshake and thinking “I’m an Oscar-Meyer Wiener”.
    – Demolition Man

    • Melissa Sharpe

      Take a break demo

  • R

    When the Olympics came to Atlanta, the homeless were all rounded up and given one way bus tickets out of town.

  • tom

    The guy being like the changed it stfu. We are to learn from our past so this we must learn from and events simaliar to it. Obama tried to brake a way our right to bar arms all which happened to country’s with dictators, hates the poor but welcomes the illegals sounds like work camps soon.face it people need to learn to quit typing and start acting

  • amar Singh

    how come they are forcing ppl to leave instead built home for them .. and let them lead a peaceful life ,,

    • Bruce Flingsting

      Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a night. Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a life.

      • Devin_MacGregor

        Go away addict. Fix your addiction first and stop asking for our confirmation of your views. Quit with the preaching.

        • bagonia60

          you obviously cannot read what Bruce has been writing or you wouldn’t tell him to quit preaching. How easy it must be for you to just resort to name calling instead of intellectual commenting.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            He has his right to comment, let him do so. I believe everyone can say and do whatever they like. I’d just wish people would take advantage of their life instead of letting society and negative pressure pull them down. I judge people based off what they are capable of, and people are capable of anything, ‘good’ and ‘bad’. I’m sorry Devin has perceives me this way, but oh well.

  • Partisan Sandwich

    Hey FNB: Screw permits. What are they going to do, arrest you? File a civil suit against a global anarchist organization?

  • egg

    They are just gona rambo them outa town then.

  • Alrady

    WHERE IS THE #ACLU ??? This is UNCONSITUTIONAL and interferes with the right to pursuit of life, LIBERTY and whatever.

  • nickzedd

    It’s a police state nightmare.

  • Bruce Flingsting

    Sooo…. Because they want to get rid of people who don’t work, don’t make any effort to contribute, and who have led their lives down the wrong path (whether is was deliberate and solo or intervention from another source) it is wrong and unfair? They are in that situation they put themselves there. I don’t see too many homeless people trying to solve it either. They feel unwelcome to society. Part of me says that’s sad, but at the same time. You have to realize, when you raise your child and he is going down the wrong path, the one thing you think of is “he’s going to be dead, or homeless.” I honestly think this is a good thing because it will make being homeless more unacceptable.

    BEING HOMELESS IS NOT A RELIGION, IT IS NOT A GENDER, IT IS NOT A BLOOD TYPE, A RACE, A PERSONALITY, A JOB, A REGION, OR ANYTHING OF THAT GOD GIVEN/ BIRTH GIVEN equality. All men were created equal, homeless people are homeless. They have no residence in that city, and contribute nothing. I’m sorry, but if you disagree with doing something about this, you’re far too liberal for common sense and should take some time to gather your conscience. Seriously. I’m not on the conservative side for shipping people out. But at least the justification isn’t “It is an eye soar to the public.”

    But you all look like ignorant bigots comparing this movement to the Nazi movement. Get a fucking grip.

    • Devin_MacGregor

      Go away addict. Fix your addiction first and stop asking for our confirmation of your views. Quit with the preaching again.

      • bagonia60

        Can’t you come up with something new or intelligent?

  • chris

    the reality is being homeless is a crime all over the country, if you are homeless and traveling by choice, you are constantly stopped and cataloged everywhere you go, and some states you can’t walk through

  • palestinian atheist

    The mentality of you Americans is sickening. I was warned by a friend when recommended this article NOT to read the comments, and out of curiosity, I did anyways. The absolute lack of compassion you people show for your fellow citizen is appalling.

    Did you ever think that it’s not up to you to judge others? Poor decisions or not, I’ve made mistakes in the past and I don’t deserve to be punished for a lifetime because of them. You help people regardless of who they are because that’s the right thing to do, not scoff and dismiss them and attempt to justify your horrible attitudes towards fellow human beings by pointing out some possible mistake that person may have made. And mental illness is often a factor. People who are mentally ill
    oftentimes don’t have the facilities or capability to make it out there
    on their own.

    And yes there are a lot of people with bad luck and no families. I hear your family culture is quite appalling too. Like these “nursing home” things. People in my country don’t stick their parents in homes to be cared for(and abused by) strangers. Family still matters here.

    As for the jobs part, I know that’s bullshit. I have friends over in the US and they’re all telling me unemployment is rampant. It’s hard to find a decent job, and impossible to make ends meet on minimum wage. Anyways, jobs don’t get you out of a situation like that. There’s still having good enough credit to get housing, having enough to afford rent + food + general expenses….I’ve done the math, and calculated the cost of living in the places where friends live, and it’s impossible on minimum wage to juggle all this.

    And who are any of you to say they don’t contribute? I just see a lot of arrogance and antipathy in the US culture, and people in my region complain of how they’re treated by your country….well if this is how you treat your own, no wonder….we should not be surprised at all how you treat us!

    There are more empty homes than homeless people, and many of those homes sit abandoned and go derelict waiting for someone to buy them, so why not give them to the people that need them most?

    And kudos to FNB for attempting to alleviate the misery caused by artificial scarcity. Makes me proud to be an anarchist.

    Smash Capitalism!

    • Kari Salvati

      It’s hard to read your perception of us Palestinian but it’s true. Compassion has left most of the USA along with family, empathy and plain caring about what happens to your fellow human being. I know for myself I am but a short distance of being in this situation. I am not one of these people who can turn away. I try to do one act of kindness a day when it presents itself. It’s small but at least it is something. I’m sure you do the same thing. We can’t change the world but we could change 1 person’s life a day with a small act of something from ourselves. Could be contagious if everyone in the world did just this one small thing. Think and then do something once a day for someone other than yourself. It’s helpful for me for survival. I can’t think that everyone doesn’t care otherwise what’s the point in living. So it starts with me, I care so that makes it worth it. The nursing home statement really got to me. I bet there are very few countries that store their elderly in a room to await their end. Here it’s pretty much the norm. People are disposable here in the mighty US of A. If your a burden there’s a place for you. The street when your young, nursing home when your old. There is no easy solution to all of this except to cleanse the earth and start all over, it’s been done before. Maybe someday we’ll get it right because it’s not that hard. We has always gotten things done better than I.

    • Bruce Flingsting

      There is a difference between not taking care of mentally handicapped and domestic abuse and then the homeless. People fail to see there are two sides to this story and you need to address both differently. I’m addressing the deadbeat issue and some of the poor decision making issue. Which is a hefty amount of homeless people. You don’t know what happened, so making an excuse for them is sympathy. I want empathy. You can’t stand back up if everyone is telling you “yeah that sucks.”

      • palestinian atheist

        I highly doubt that it’s such a sizable percentage as to warrant such dismissive and apathetic attitudes, and even if so, what constitutes a deadbeat?

        I don’t know that many people who’d find sleeping on the ground in parts unknown in the wide open without protection from the elements to be enjoyable.

        As far as poor decisions…well those are subjective. I personally think electing war criminals time and again is a poor decision. Invading countries and killing kids is a poor decision. But yet nobody’s stood trial for it.

        There’s a difference between a genuine poor decision and refusal to succumb to society’s demands for conformity, which is what I think is the issue here.

        Also, I read that many of the homeless folk are verterans and people who’ve been disowned by their families because of some disagreement(like a family kicking their teen son out for being homosexual).

        So again what constitutes a poor decision?

        • Bruce Flingsting

          You’re right, we should reward and tend to people who don’t want to work hard or earn anything. /sarcasm

          You can live how you want to, but you have to see things for how they are. You don’t. I strongly suggest you wake up and smell the capitalism… because you have to buy into it in order to fix it.

          • palestinian atheist

            No thanks, I’d rather wake up the proletariat, lead them to revolt, and crush capitalism. I think that’s far more productive.

            And again who are you to judge their contributions? Or their will to work?

            And the only thing worth earning in this world is love and respect.

            But yeah keep shilling for the system. Let it drive you straight to the grave….because it WILL.

            There’s a difference between working and wage slavery….and you’re defending wage slavery.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You have no idea what you’re talking about. If I work I get all of that money and pay fica and SS. Which if you had any wit in your brain you would understand that goes back into my pocket and my state. I hate the FED. But you have no fucking clue what you’re saying man. Hahahahhahahah. I hope you realize Communism doesn’t work and there is a reason. Humans are naturely selfish by design. we’re animals. You’re the arrogant one here, not the Americans.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            I am an American and you are ignorant. Unless you are self employed you are not getting back 100% of your productivity. You get a small fraction of your productivity when you work for someone else. The rest the company you work for takes for itself. What little it gives you you then pay taxes on.

            I work for an ITO and BPO company. Those in upper and middle management work those below that are wage slaves. So funny how you go on and on preaching about homeless yet you are just another slave. If you had any wit you would understand it is not how hard you work but how smart you work and the reality here is that you get dumbsumbiches like yourself to wave our flag and think you are getting paid top dollar while the guy pulling all the strings is laughing at you. Oh he will pat you on the back and patronize you to get you energized but he is going to take the lion share of your productivity for himself.

            And you hate the Fed? You mean the Federal govt or the Federal Reserve. SS btw is Federal not State. The F is FICA means Federal as well and FICA is the SS fund that you pay into. Do you think it will be enough when you get to retire? Do you think the cost of living will allow you to live comfortably on just SS?

            And where did he say communism? We actually live in a MIXED economy. If we lived in a true capitalist society you would not be online. What we have is a political war to remove the mixed part and return us to the 1890s. And what democracy? Sure we get to vote but we are more of a plutocracy than a democracy.

            Bruce up and down this thread it is you that has been arrogant. You are still an addict and you never solved that problem. You just changed the substance which you are still abusing.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Here is the difference between you and me. You talk about the shit you don’t know:

            “You are still an addict and you never solved that problem.” Even if I still was an addict, you don’t even know me dude. That is so far out of the ballpark it proves you’re being down right ignorant on your statement.

            I speak from my experience and what I learned. You can take it or leave it. You seem to take it and let it rustle you for some reason. You wanna respect other people’s life, but not… I wish you the best man, but you gotta work for what you want, and what you earn is yours.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            No I do know the difference. I have many friends who use drugs and some who went through rehab. The problem is you do not understand what I said and you think I am out of the ball park. Addicts typically replace their addiction with something else. It can be anything. Some choose to be self righteous pricks and go online to tell the world they have all the answers and keep coming back to tell us they have the correct answer and we are the ones that are wrong. Some take up pottery and make the shit out of that pottery. Some become nice wholesome people and do not judge others because they are the last person to do so.

            The problem is bruce you are not allowing us to take it or leave it. You are all up and down this thread preaching your way as the only way etc shoving it in our faces. That is a sign of an addict who has not recovered. You have several posts demeaning people for not seeing it your way etc. And most the shit you are saying is straight off the talking points of 12 step type programs. What step are you on now? Because it is apparently you are looking for affirmation to your new belief paradigm. We are to shower you with kind words and tell you how wise the all and mighty bruce is till monkeys come flying out of our butts. This will strengthen your convictions that you are on the righteous path. Those who disagree fuck up this blissful paradigm you have crafted for yourself and it is they who disagree with you that are wrong so you fight it by constantly posting denouncing their opinion as invalid.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Actually I am allowing you to take it or leave it, you rebuttal it. You respond to it. You are the one making a decision. Only proving my point Devin.

          • Connie

            Every person in America is getting government assistance in some shape or form, including corporations. Whether it’s mortgage assistance or any other kind of subsidies. It’s funny to see people upset about donating help to homeless people with no compassion without realizing they’re being hypocritical and completely brainwashed by the societal terms, definitions, and distinctions of what kind of help is considered good or bad. Everyone in this government receives help and assistance. Everyone.

          • wut



          • Jim

            Sorry Bruce but the capitalists that own the system don’t pay FICA, or even income taxes for the most part. Hell some of the biggest corporations in our country get income tax rebates at the same time they pay dividends, year after year.Capitalism, in case you didn’t notice a few years ago doesn’t work either. Communism has never been tried and where it was even attempted it was attacked immediately by the corporatists, fascists and the governments they control. The US sent cavalry to help the “White” Russians against the Bolsheviks in 1918. We haven’t stopped undermining populist, humanist, collectivist oriented governments since the original idea of Capitalism was dreamed up in England.

          • aspekx

            once again a conservative too lazy apparently to investigate the current models of evolution and the social. start with EO Wilson then move on to Sober and Sloan.

          • jrleftfoot

            the reptilian view. don`t get your panties in a bunch ,brucie. in corpoamuhricah, lots and lots of folks are just a cople of paychecks from homelessness , while we pay Walmart workers so they don`t starve.

          • palestinian atheist

            Naturally selfish by design but yet generous enough to be counted on to give charitable donations. Yeah I’ve heard that tripe before. It’s bullshit. Non-human animals aren’t as selfish as you’re putting them out to be, many experiments have revealed that animals are much more egalitarian than we once thought, and usually will come to help when they see another in distress. It’s even been observed between two different species. So don’t start that crap.

            And how do you know communism doesn’t work? And since when has the capitalist system proved itself to work? Millions of starving people are proof of its failure.

            Also, look up the word “communism”. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

            Oh, and when I speak of wage slavery and stolen value I am not referring to taxes/fica/SS. I am referring to your boss and executives. Why should a man be paid more to lay around on his ass and bark orders at everyone than a man who is actually putting physical sweat and energy into making the product/service?

            In other words, the bosses need us but we don’t need them.

          • VivaLaRevolucion

            You would have LOVED to live in the USSR, wouldn’t you? Haha.
            I lived in USSR all my life, and I lived in the more western influenced parts… don’t tell me capitalism is worse, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You are sick for thinking that a system where an engineer gets paid half as much as a construction worker, even though they went through years of schooling and done research for wellness of mankind, is the correct way. Keep dreaming, commie. God Bless America and the rest of the constitutional republics of the world.

          • palestinian atheist


            So much derp. Go back and play yer banjo.

          • Mike Conway

            If you want to crush capitalism, you’re welcome to come and find some to crush, because, frankly, we don’t actually have it over here. We have a system of cronyism where politicians are bought by huge, rich companies so they can crush competition with excessive regulations and taxes that they can absorb, but smaller businesses can’t.

            If we had actual capitalism over here, anyone could just set up a business and create jobs and earn a living, but we don’t. Instead, we have a system where everyone just says “Trust the government!” and we get things like what happens in this story.

          • palestinian atheist

            Oh no, the dreaded libertarian.

            No sir, I was right. It’s not cronyism, it’s capitalism. And when last I checked, most large companies don’t pay that much in taxes. Small businesses are taxed out of existence though. I know, as many of my fellow Palestinians have opened up businesses in the US, and many of them have went out of business and came back here.

            No, the problem is capitalism. I’ll have plenty to crush because it’s all over the place, and it’s more powerful than ever.

          • well traveled

            Mr. atheist,
            You sound very educated in the areas of politics, employment/ labor laws, world economic markets, and civil rights. I am curious as to how many different parts of the World that you have been savvy to gain all of this wisdom that you so freely judge by. Most athiests that I know have been victim to too much slanderous propaganda and relentless brainwashing by the adversary. I only speek this way through personal experience. Hitler’s 3rd Reicht once thought the same way that you seem to radiate out. May I suggest a little less ‘Call of Duty’ and a little more call to reality.—good day

          • palestinian atheist

            I’m a girl.

            And your post makes no sense.

          • HyP


          • palestinian atheist

            Uhhh…I can neither confirm nor deny your inquiry.

          • Canadian Tire

            @well traveled. You make absolutely no sense at all!!! Religious people are the ones who have been brainwashed, and im pretty sure Hitler’s 3rd Reicht didn’t advocate for feeding and sheltering the homeless. Unless you mean feeding them dirt and sheltering them in gas chambers. @palestinian_atheist:disqus …..Marry me??

          • JonasDowner

            someone should have invoked godwin’s law here.

          • Taranis flapjack

            Are you saying that YOU don’t judge peoples
            contributions???? Of course, it’s easy to make up an excuse when you do. You can just label somebody a Capitalist, a Fascist, a Pig, etc. so you don’t have to justify your unequal treatment of people……. You know I’m right….

          • Edward Erlikh

            lol, so you suggest no one works, great idea? we already have people who don’t work, they are homeless.

          • Sumibraxis Dei

            how about pretending to be a palistinian, and in Jordan, a girl on a computer, or an atheist? Funny. again, learn the laws before you start on with that crap. Have fun in Ohio you pathological liar. Or are you a californian? either way, you dumb twat, you are full of shit, and pretty much prove it with every post you make. :)

          • jrleftfoot

            you mean people like the Bank of America CEO , the Waltons and those guys? I agree completely. we should treat the homeless compassionately though. wake up and smell the greed.

          • mechgogo

            You do realize that a lot of homeless people work full time right? But with wages what they are now and rent what it is a lot of people can’t afford to both eat and sleep indoors. And it’s real easy to call someone lazy and unwilling to work when we’ve allowed the corps to ship all the good-paying middle-class jobs overseas. Dunno about you but for most of us Beijing is a bit more of a commute than we can reasonably make each day.

          • shells

            helping someone down on their luck…?? some people do want to work and make an effort but just cant seem to catch a break…the only reason i’m not living with my parents right now after graduating college and not able to get a job (i’m not even being picky) is the kindness of friends that understand and want to help

        • Bruce Flingsting

          You are beating around a bush because you know you don’t have a dog in this fight. You’re using it to articulate your higher education. Which is just a bunch of high school SAT vocabulary. Go write something in a journal.

          • palestinian atheist

            You’re right, I don’t have a dog in this fight….but I thought maybe an objective observation from an outsider may be appreciated….but I guess that infamous American arrogance rears its ugly head again.

            No big whoop….just don’t come pissing and crying to the world when your economy implodes and your country collapses in on itself.

            You like to talk about bootstraps but you aren’t going to be talking for long, not after you have to sell your boots to eat. And it’s going to get that bad, even worse.

            Steinbeck was right, and American pridefulness is going to lead it straight to its doom.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            What you’re doing is bashing America. Not trying to fix the situation with worldwide homelessness. Please take your bigotry elsewhere. You have no understanding of what America is. (I am not even trying to imply our current government is doing a good job of it either. That is off topic though.)

          • Tom

            then if it isn’t doing a good job wtf are you doing sitting here waving your bullshit patriotic flag blind folded for.. your fucking conditioned to believe that everything we do in this country is for the greater good.. thats not the fucking case cram it dude

          • Bruce Flingsting

            Because I still have every reason to be proud of my nation because it rebounds. Not because of the shitheads. but because of the genuine people who appreciate this opportunity to live in a land where we can be so trouble-free we are ignorant of reality. I’m sorry that to you that’s a sin or whatever. But to me, I am glad that humans have come that far, but at the same time it’s gone too far.

          • palestinian atheist

            Maybe like a misbehaved sassy little kid you deserve a good spanking. But I knew it was only a matter of time before I was accused of America-bashing.

            And yeah actually I am doing something. I’m a political activist with a socialist party in the Middle East. So please. Spare me the crap.

            And I think I have a perfect understanding of what the US is.

            It’s land that was stolen from indigenous inhabitants and converted into one of the biggest empires in history, and one of the most reactionary policies in the modern era.

            Also it’s the only first world country that lives under third world conditions. The only industrialized nation that has no universal healthcare(becuzz that’s beez thuh SOSHULIZZUMZ!!!11!one)

            My country’s money is worth twice that of yours.

            Need I go on further? You don’t want me to bash, because I’ll make you so ashamed to be US’an that you’ll be on the next flight out.

            Trust me babycakes your actions alone all over the world do more to damage your reputation than anything I’ll ever say can. But if you really want me to bash I can bash.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            You’re a troll who has a butt-hurt feeling towards America. Sure America isn’t this glorious nation that deserves it’s brainwashed praise. But if you’re so ignorant to block out the greatest text to path the way to an international standard of freedom, such as our constitution, I just laugh at you. That text lays down the foundation for any culture to take success, it’s what we did with it that makes the current America look sad. However, I’m still proud to be an American because I know with hard work and the right mindset you can do just about anything. You’ll disagree and pick up a shovel and keep giving your heart out though for the greater good of humanity. Let me know when you solve world hunger by sacrificing everything you have. You can’t all be Jesus guys.

          • palestinian atheist

            “But if you’re so ignorant to block out the greatest text to path the way
            to an international standard of freedom, such as our constitution, I
            just laugh at you. That text lays down the foundation for any culture to
            take success,”

            Bullshit. Civilization was around long before the US. The civilization your forefathers wiped out to build the US was more successful than the US ever was.

            They were around for 10,000 years, maybe more….and were thriving when the whites landed on their shores. You’ve been around barely 300.

            But in all honesty, I just read that quote to banjo music.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “The civilization your forefathers wiped out to build the US was more successful than the US ever was.” Depends on how you define success. Native Americans were at peace if that’s what you mean “successful” However the constitution is the single greatest work of philosophy I’ve read in a long time (since Art of War). It’s funny how you think American’s are close-minded, yet you don’t admit your close-minded in your view of Americans. It’s okay man, just realize you’re just as wrong as all the politicians with their hand in everyone’s pocket. You don’t know whats going on in America more than anyone else. Because shit has hit the fan in our current country.

            Democracy has always been two sheep against a wolf though. Never forget it when you say “it’s not true democracy.”

          • JonasDowner

            We have the document. It sure is neat. But do you really feel like the human rights that were enumerated in the first eight amendments to the constitution are valid and in full effect in this country today? Do you really feel that the federal government exercises only the powers granted it by the constitution and leaves the rest to the people and/or states? The power of The Constitution rests solely in the people’s will to uphold it. In my experience that means that for all intents and purposes, at my level of social class, The Constitution has been nullified.

            Don’t hide behind the constitution, you ruin your own argument and sense of superiority in one fell swoop. You are a citizen of a country that has allowed the wealthy and powerful to usurp all the good stuff and undermine every single aspect of The Constitution even though the document itself exhorts you to not let that happen. We dropped the ball.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I am quoting what I said “That text lays down the foundation for any culture to take success, it’s what we did with it that makes the current America look sad.”

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “And yeah actually I am doing something. I’m a political activist with a socialist party in the Middle East. So please. Spare me the crap.”
            I think you got enough crap on your hands. Here you are talking shit about America ahhahahahahahhaha.

          • Melanie Friese

            Its almost impossible to get through to a closed minded, know it all (without any credintials) stuck in the past mode of beliefs without facts bigoted individual.. we fight this battle every day with those like Bruce who refuse to acknowledge facts and history to instead remain stead fast in their “belief” of why something is happening or how it can be solved. This man is more knowledgeable about our countries social issue than one who has been raised here..

          • Bruce Flingsting


          • Erich

            Hahahaha, sorry, please be more specific in your quotes.

          • Jim

            What’s the bush Bruce? I don’t have higher education degree of any kind but do have a dog in the fight because of the theft of money and resources ongoing in this country by corporations and their owners, the coupon clippers. Are you one of them, is that what you’re saying? Yea we don’t have pure capitalism in this country and I oppose capitalism ever coming back, in fact we need less of it, a lot less.

          • aspekx

            oh good. another conservative who is anti-education and anti-intellectual. what a surprise. you wouldn’t happen to opposed to books in general also, would you?

      • aspekx

        that’s funny, my dad worked with homeless people. not as an activist or a minister, just as a maintenance supervisor who cared. and i can tell you from riding the bus downtown to work with him as a kid that most of the homeless i met were clearly mentally disturbed.
        think about it for just a minute. even a lazy person works just enough to get by. but to end up in a position where you bathe on a bimonthly basis, eat scraps out of garbage or at ‘soup kitchens’, that is by definition *not* normal social behavior and shows that there is more going on than just laziness.
        it seems that laziness has become the go to word for conservatives too lazy themselves to actually investigate the root causes of homelessness in the US.

        • Lois Payette

          Homelessness has become a problem ever since cuts were made in the Mental Health programs and the demolition of Mental Hospitals to keep from having to provide a mental health program. Now we are reaping the deficits of making those cuts! In the meantime, I agree that the American people pretty much have accepted the premise that these sad folks are lazy, losers, who should be run out of town and that it’s all their fault. No one wants to blame the Corporations with their off-shoring of jobs, laying folks off and legislatures cutting Unemployment benefits, banks foreclosing on homes and major cuts in the SNAP program that helps provide food to the poor. Homeless people cannot get food stamps if they have no address, so they have to rely on the food pantries, churches and other charitable organizations to eat. I for one, believe that family helps family and if they have more, they help others outside of family, without ever passing judgment on how they got into their position at the time.

        • Garrus Ianto Norman Norris

          Not all homeless people are mentally disturbed. My wife and I were homeless for three years and not because anything was mentally wrong with either of us, but because there are areas where the economy is still that bad or jobs just aren’t available in the field you have experience in. And it’s not that easy to just learn a new set of job skills when you don’t have a stable place to start from. Financial Aid only goes so far, and if you don’t have a roof over your head or a stable mode of transportation to begin with, you can’t get very far at all. Once you’re in that hole it’s really hard to get out of it in most cases, no matter how hard you try to pull yourself out of it.

    • Sandy

      You assert that something is “the right thing to do” implying that the opposite is “the wrong thing to do”. Then you call those actions horrible and yet you criticise others for being judgmental. Beware hypocrisy.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        WE are all hypocrites that’s how we learn. It’s just when we get stuck in circular logic like the ones being displayed here things never grow, learn, thus never change.

    • Devin_MacGregor

      I am an American and agree with you. I keep telling myself to avoid the comment section because it simply gives me no hope for us as a people. When my parents are gone I am thinking of moving to Canada.

      But these types do not seem to hate the economic system itself that has turned from a demand economy to an asset driving economy to where so few jobs exist to allow one a modest income but hatred of the byproduct of that very same economic system.

      But this is actually not new to us. In the 1890s it was believed that if one had money then it meant you were blessed and received it for your goods works through providence. So treating people well was secondary. If you makes heaps of money and treated people poor yay for the Lord he gave me this mansion. Poor people were seen as deficient and only poor due to their own fault. They were just not doing it right.

      We have returned to that mentality. People are disposable. Companies do not pay like they used to. They cut hours and cut pay and this is not just min wage jobs. Some here do not seem to understand that every recession we have had has been followed by many more years of jobless recovery. That is the jobs available pay less and have less hours. The people that can afford pay cuts are not the ones getting them. The ones who cannot afford the pay cuts are getting them and this for some is putting them out on the streets.

      But what you are seeing is some odd things of self loathing. We had that as well in the 1890s. Some think it was the rich who owned the sweat shops. The rich owned land and means of distribution but the factories they bought things from were typically small and owned by the former poor who managed to pull themselves up. They did not treat their employees kindly though.

      Bruce is an addict. Like many addicts here they may shake the substance abuse that fed their addiction they never really understand the addiction though and so they take on something else to feed it such as being self righteous. This as well may be the root of the fable here in the US of the story of the mail room boy who worked his way up to the CEO. It is a nice story and it may have actually happened BUT overall this is not even close to the case. You cannot tell that to the addict though.

      And I do believe in helping people. I do believe in helping people be able to help themselves as well but sometimes you just have to give out a piece of bread. People as well cannot really help themselves if the system itself and I am talking of the private sector is not there to help them. Sure homeless need training but who is giving that away for free?

      Sure sometimes we make poor decisions but we are not always in control of the options presented to us. It may be my decision to apply for a job it is not my decision how many jobs are available for me to apply to and quality of said job. My first IT job I lost due to NAFTA. My subsequent jobs have all been damaged by rampant outsourcing here and I am not talking offshoring but a company letting one of its depts be run by an outside company. This is normal for many types of industries now. My pay has gone up 9K in the last 14 years, I have had 5 pay raises in that time period and none of them kept up with rent increases. Currently no pay raise since 2008 and my promotion of 2009 is on hold and now three immediate managers removed from that review that promotion actually no longer exists. All that extra work for nothing. It has been so apparent that corporate culture here is simply ethically bankrupt and we are all just tools and expendable. Since 2000 I have been threw almost two dozen layoffs. I did not survive for two of them. This is not a non stressful event because they just cut heads. It does not matter who you are.

      Anyway I was agreeing with you plus the vast amount of vacant homes we have is such a waste.

      • palestinian atheist

        Canada, once it gets rid of Harper will be a good place to go to.

        Brucey up there may not know this, but while he praises and lauds his beloved capitalism, his country’s going down the crapper. Jordan, where I live, their currency is worth almost $2 US dollars. In other words, what is known as a third world country’s currency is worth more than that of the world’s biggest superpower. That should be a harbinger of things to come. The US isn’t on the verge of collapse, the US is in the early stages of collapse.

        • Devin_MacGregor

          Funny thing is we are a mixed economy and we may have the illusion of a democracy. Sure we get to vote and here in California we can use direct democracy to pass propositions on the ballot but beyond that money talks. Wall Street controls Main Street too much. So maybe a plutocracy. I still want to believe we can win it back and we possibly can but people like Bruce make it difficult. Especially all the anti govt types who offer no real solutions other than ranting about the govt stole their lunch money or something.

          What some people want is to get rid of that mixed part and make it all privatized. I mean literally go back to the 1890s. Yes we are not on the verge of collapse but if the income disparity continues we will return to a 3rd world country. Brucey may not know but in 1929 before the crash over half of us were the working poor. That means poverty. That crash pushed us over the 70% mark. Through social reforms we reduced poverty by a hell of a lot but since Reagan we have had an internal political war and now we have people voting against their own best interests. They think main street is the sole problem with no idea how screwed up wall street is. Poverty in suburban areas has risen faster than urban and rural. So there goes the middle class which we really have not had large middle class till those social reforms came in.

          This was 10 years ago now but I was talking to this guy online who is a lawyer in the DC area. He has a company that basically goes overseas and finds a company that his client can offshore jobs to. He sees himself as a white knight saving people jobs. “Well if I did not do that and let 150 go then 1000 people would be let go.” This is actually false in most cases but hey. How about no more bonuses and cutting the exec pay and perks to match world standards? Umm, nope? Oh I see. Well one day he was lamenting to us about how he felt bad that his dog needed hip surgery and it was going to cost 4K but there were starving kids in Africa. Now it always pisses me off when someone with money and connections ignores his own country to say Africa as if sending them 20 bucks a month means gee aren’t I a swell guy while ignoring the political conditions in Africa. Now I was nice to him and proposed with his connections why doesn’t he get a shelter built in his area to where the homeless can go to wash their clothes, take showers, etc so they can get jobs and then get your dog’s surgery and your kids will be happy and so will you as you are helping people.

          win-win? Oh hell no. He gets all pissed off and goes on this rant about how rich the poor are here compared to other countries.

          Canada because it is cooler up there. I lived in Southern California most my life other than 4 years in the Army and it is too hot here now which is another issue. All the climate deniers. “It has always been like this.” Um, no it has not. I have lived here all of my childhood and most of my adult life it was a lot cooler back then. We actually had rainy seasons. We had no snow but it rained in the fall and the spring. Winter dropped down to where you needed a coat a lot of the days. Again not snow cold but cold enough to wear pants and not shorts and a t shirt mid dec and jan.

          • palestinian atheist

            You’re right it is indeed the illusion of democracy. In a true democracy there’d be no career politicians, and there’d be no pay for them either. They’d all be working class like us.

            But of course I’m an anarchist so I’m more in favor of getting rid of borders and states and leave the organizing to the community.

          • Sumibraxis Dei

            no… you’re no anarchist; little boy, you’re merely confused.

          • palestinian atheist

            I’m a girl, you inbred hick.

          • getajob

            You don’t know anything about this country.

          • Martin Ognyanov

            Thank you!!!!!!!!!

          • Sumibraxis Dei

            yes and you’re also a north American

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            Well, even he had seen you, I have a feeling he, or anybody else, for that matter, still wouldn’t have been able to tell

          • Martin Ognyanov

            OK Ms. Im fighting Isreal for how many years and Im still not a legit nation, how about you start talking about the Great block of Palestine and their organized government and how much freedom and safety you have there!!!!

          • jim

            Hahaha so much good in that statement

          • Brad B

            We are a Republic for clarification.

          • Martin Ognyanov

            Preach it, they be too confused!!!

          • Brad B

            We are a Republic.

          • thedude

            People need to abandon all institutionalized belief systems that create borders and governments that plague the world with all the morally relative ideas especially when it comes to people. The divide and conquer happens at accepting these ideas as truth. Things are so completely out of balance the universe will right all these wrongs eventually and those not aligned with the true laws of nature are going to suffer a lot.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            I am quite peeved by the fact you keep stating my name as if you know who I am based off a couple things I say Devin. There is no need to do so, because you don’t know me man. None of what you said even applies.

          • Edward Erlikh

            Sounds like you don’t pay nearly as much taxes as me. Then you’d be angry about the government stealing your lunch money as well. I’m not even rich. I don’t deserve to get robbed so badly. And I get nothing in return, it all goes to some poor neighborhoods to sustain their poverty and drug abuse. As far as I’m concerned the government can go die a painful death.

          • benedict

            they want you to think it’s the government, and they want you to hate the government. who is they? the corporations! They’ve been very smart…. they’ve infiltrated most facets of the government to their advantage. Why do we have governments? To protect us from corporations. Without a proper government the corporations will take over and we have no one to protect us from their greed (capitalism has no end), and that’s basically what has happened.

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            “Let me explain to you how this works: you see, the corporations finance the government, and then the government goes out… and the corporations sit there in their… in their corporation buildings, and… and, and see, they’re all corporationy… and they make money.”

            That’s what you sound like…

          • Martin Ognyanov

            VERY TRUE!!!

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            I just have to say, your grammar is absolutely awful. You can’t even write (probably not even speak) properly, yet fancy yourself some kind of political genius with a keen insight none but you have. Way to go, Copernicus, you’re livin’ the dream!!

          • Brad B

            We are a republic.

        • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

          A currency’s value is a very complicated thing, and has enormously less to do with the strength of an economy than you think. You may wish to educate yourself to even a slight degree.

          Oh, and as for Stephen Harper, he and the Tories are responsible for Canada having the strongest economy in the G7, as well as being the economy the least negatively affected by the recent recession.. So, again, pick up a book sometime, you may learn something despite the horror that prospect instills in your soul.

          • benedict

            strongest economy, and most polluted and destroyed environment. that’s really smart… ;-)

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            If you honestly think Canada, or even the US, has the most “most polluted and destroyed environment,” then you’re a complete retard who’s never heard of China or India..

          • canadiangirl

            Dont you just hate when people who dont live in our country act as though they know anything about the problems plaguing Canada right now? Probably just talked to a few libtards who told them Harper was the next Obama (which isnt true at all. Trudeau would be the obama equal, possibly worse) and decided to do zero research into it and just believe what they said cuz we cant have conservatives after all who actually want a decent economy and jobs for people vs liberals who are ok with everyone being on welfare. I wish people who dont live in Canada would shut up about it. They know nothing.

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            Amen!! But do you reason and intellectual honesty from libtard left? That would go against everything they stand for. It would violate the fundamental credo of their natures.. They’d have to face reality, and all they hold dear – and demand that other people hold dear or else – would come crashing down…

          • canadiangirl

            Sad but true. I came to face such a crushing reality only recently when I discovered what it meant to actually be liberal and what they wanted for our children and our future. They wany everyone treated differently from everyone else. ALL races and cultures to have their own special priveleges for whatever they desire rather than simply treating everyone the same and giving everyone all the same benwfits and priveleges as everyone else. Liberals want a free ride not to have to work for anything. Its frustrating beyond belief. I am very ashamed to say I was once a liberal but now realize that I can still believe in some liberal ideas (such as being pro-choice or advocating gay rights) while not compromising the rest of my family morals and values. Thats what I call the progressive part of my conservative nature. And ive never been happier.

          • LoveforALL

            How very sad and disappointing of you to make such narrow minded and ignorant blanket statements regarding “All of us Americans”, Palestinan athiest. If you aren’t being a solution you are part of the problem and no better. My wish for you is some compassion , understanding. Peace to All… not just some.

          • Martin Ognyanov

            Canada or America, they need to stay away from our goddamn business and policy!!!

          • Alice Susan Harding

            I’m in the UK and heard it’s pretty bad in Canada.

        • Sumibraxis Dei

          I hate to tell you this, but US currency isnt worth shit. and no, the US is NOT in the early stages of collapse. we were there when bush rigged his second election. we’re well on our way

          • Brad B

            America has a lot of natural resources. Our economy will collapse because they will say it will. Otherwise America has enough physical resources to survive indefinitely alone.

          • Martin Ognyanov


        • jauggernaut

          Im trying but he hasnt stepped out in front of my truck yet

          • palestinian atheist

            LOL….try tying a porkchop to a string and attach it to a fishing reel. I’m sure he loves the smell and taste of his own kind.

        • canadiangirl

          Harper is the best prime minister my country has had in a very long time and will be far worse off if Justin Trudeau gets elected next time. Unless you live in Canada do not judge our politicians. You know nothing about canadian economy and whats going on here so please shut up about it. And Devin. Canada is pretty great yep with a few exceptions but it seems everywhere in the world is having problems right now and the vast majority seem to be related to Islam. We need to abolish this cult of evil from the planet and people will go back to actually caring about others.

          • palestinian atheist

            Who’s this “we” you’re referring to? Spoken like a true fascist.

            And I’ll stop judging your shitty politicians as soon as they stop lording themselves over the world.

            But I love seeing all this first-world butthurt. Pride really does cometh before the fall.

        • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

          Just gotta know, though. If you live in Jordan, upon what pretenses to feign such intimate knowledge of Canada? Especially seeing how, as evinced by your comments, you know fuck all about my country?

          • palestinian atheist

            Because I have friends there and they complain about Harper’s policies all the time you fucking moron. Same reason I know about the US, because unlike you, I’m a cosmopolitan and I make friends outside the borders of my country and attempt to learn something about it.

            You pro-Harpers seem to have two things in common: general ignorance about the way things work and intolerance of other people’s cultures.

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            No, you’re not in the least bit an arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical, reactionary bigot.

            It doesn’t matter that you’ve never met me, nor do you know me at all in any real way, it’s still perfectly acceptable for you to make conclusions about me and my personality, and even what kind of friends and company I keep, because it’s YOU doing it, and anything done to further your agenda is perfectly fine, even if it’s the very thing you’re denouncing the other guy for doing.

            And even though I nowhere mentioned culture at all, let alone any contempt for, or hatred of, any culture, and it has nothing to do with anything, it’s still important, because I obviously am intolerant of them all, I’m a Western conservative, and everyone knows we hate everything about everybody everywhere.

            And even though, QED, you don’t know me at all outside of this discussion, you’re still completely justified in saying you know, and I’m ignorant of, everything around me, because I disagree with you, and reason and logic are irrelevant in these situations.

            And *I’m* obviouly the moron, because I thought your conclusions about Stephen Harper and Canada were your own opinions, made from real, purposeful, intellectually honest study, and not simply the opinions you’ve heard from a few friends bitching to you about things they no doubt don’t fully understand. So even though your knowledge of this country and what’s happening here comes entirely from one-sided, personal accounts, you clearly know more than I do about all of it, because it’s common knowledge that judgements about a country made by someone who doesn’t even live there, made entirely using biased, anecdotal accounts, are much more reliable, and logically sound, than any assessment made by someone who’s lived there his entire life, and is in possession of actual facts and first-hand experience.

            Way to go, champ, you’re a real winner, keep reachin’ for the stars!! You aren’t a prejucided, intolerant, hateful bigot at all!!!

            I’d tell you to get over yourself, but we all know you’re far too enamoured of yourself and your self-perceived greatness for that to ever happen. So I’ll suffice to tell you to go sit at the kiddie table, and leave the important matters to the big people.

        • Brad B

          Currency is relative. The currency you have is part of a global currency market. The higher value has to do with supply and demand.

      • Tamera

        Bravo. I’m a US American and I couldn’t agree with you more! From my perspective, it’s not a majority of people who act like this. I work with a Global company with people from several nations, and for the most part we all treat each other equally. Our management is from different countries, as well as our own. Diversity is a great asset for any company to have, and I personally make sure to network with as many people as possible from all around the world.

        My family and friends are just as respectful to others, with an exception to some in-laws; in all honesty they are very odd in my opinion. We accept what we cannot change, and I accept that they choose to remain ignorant bigots and I avoid them like the plague.

        That being said, we also have a HUGE problem with Internet Trolls. You see a lot of negative comments online and it’s easy to think “this is how Americans think!” But the reality is the good people who don’t think this way usually don’t go out of their way to show their compassion online like the Trolls will go show their hatred. Statistically speaking, it has been proven that only around 10% of the comments online are positive.

        Based on what I’ve seen, it’s not just a problem that plagues the USofA, either. I’ve seen some very rude comments from Europeans, and Canada, as well.

        IMHO I believe it’s sad that the negativity is what really stands out on the Internet. If we only viewed the world through the lens of the WWW, it would be a very depressing world. Thankfully, this is not the real world where people actually do treat others with compassion. It may be just as easy to overlook the “Food Not Bombs” program that has groups located all around the US. This is evidence that there really are people out there who care for others. :D

      • Bruce Griffith

        What is wrong with those so called responcible adults first then to be political with a holyer than thow attitude because in this day and age you have a job that you think you have gives you any right to make life and death decisions of very unfortunately job less Americans” what the hell is wrong with you disgusting thugs wanting to charge people who want to help the homeless is with out a doubt the most reprehencible thing i have ever heard you call your selves human beings your Scum its the freakin republicans and the blatant Corruption that they committ daily that are destroying this nation and wall street and the banking industry that Stole thousands of hard working Americans Homes coupled by the rich sending their buisnesses to foreign country’s that created this rampant homeless ness’ So it’s not enough they are down and out but now you are litterally going to STARVE THEM TO DEATH!!!! YOU Should all be fired you filthy inhumane scum it’s obvious you don’t know what Respect and decency is what you are doing is nothing short of Criminaly inhumane if our President doesn’t step in and fire all you Goverment jerks that are involved then there is something very Wrong with a Nation who’s goverment employees blatantly makes Human beings who are having to endure the upmost worst hardship any of us are one pay check away from being homeless ‘ it’s just god awful what you are doing and I hope all who are behind this one day Soon suffer the same hardships these Americans are having to endure. Cause you are what’s Wrong with AMERICA!!!!!

        • Sumibraxis Dei

          no, people like you, that cannot muster the intellect to spell a word as simple as “responSible” taking office is what is a primary factor in what is wrong with America; Americans being to lazy to do something about that factor is the majority of it.

          • TheBitchYouLoveToHate

            For someone that is so keen on correcting someone’s spelling, how about you practice what you preach and use a little proper grammar as well?

          • Zoe1973

            You spelled too wrong. Hahaha.

          • Sumibraxis Dei


      • Laura Brusseau

        Dont assume all americans are like this, just because a small hideOus percentage is doeant mean it is a valid stereotype. There are advocates that reach out to people, helping when we can and with what we can. Once again another person speaking out on a feeling and not a truth. Peace be

      • Andrew Stovall

        THANK YOU!! – sincerely, an American who had lived that life (drugs and being homeless) and has been almost 3 years clean with a good job.

    • Nick Stewart

      amen brother!!!! preach!

    • cablepuller

      Well said! I am American who thinks of WE and not ME. Thank you for your thoughts.

      • aspekx

        which actually makes you a true patriot.

    • Kyle

      Very well put.

    • Angel

      Not all American share the mentality of the people who posted the comments here. You speak of being judgmental yet basically in the wording of your comment passed judgement on the mentality of all Americans as being that of the commenting parties that you rightfully disagreed with. Not every American shares the mentality of those who made their ignorant comments known to the entire world here. Also you may hear that American Culture is quite appealing in the fact that there are nursing homes and that Americans place their parents in these homes because apparently you have come to the conclusion that family still matters in your country like it does not matter in America or in the American mentality there are many other people in nursing homes such as disabled people who have no family to care for them, elderly people who also have no family, and then there are people living there that wish to have nothing to do with their family and prefer to live in the nursing home as opposed to living with family. The conclusion that you came to about family not mattering in America is judgement as well. There are plenty of people who do not place their parents in nursing homes, and they take care of their parents, and the disabled in their families with loving care. I know this because I took care of my dad for six years before his passing, and I was not even entering my 20s when he became ill so this is not the “culture” for every American. Family matters here as well for many yet you apparently only look at it from the aspects that have been presented to you to allow you to have a narrow minded view of the topic at hand. You make many valid points, and I respect that but you declare ” that it’s not up to you to judge others” and then allow yourself to pass judgement upon Americans that is hypocritical. You passed judgement on every single American’s mentality just because comments by a few so you are no better than those who are making ignorant comments regarding the homeless situation. You do not know the mentality of every American just by what you have heard from a few, or seen by many on here you could meet a million Americans just like I could meet a million of your countrymen, and it would still be unjust, unfair, and judgmental for me to come to the biased judgmental view that because of a million people’s views the entire population of your country had the same mentality on topics.

      • Devin_MacGregor

        I am an American. I served 4 years in the US Army. I am not offended by anything he said since it applies to our country as a whole but not necessarily to me and in fact what I said to the previous post:

        It is not just our govt and it is more than just a few people. We way overproduce food in this country and throwout roughly half of it. The World Food Bank is short food every year. I am talking food that our grocery store chains throw into dumpsters nightly. Edible food. In 1996 the Good Samaritan Act was passed which exempted these companies from lawsuits. Albertson’s has a corporate program where they donate this food. Charities as well say they go short volunteers every year. IF just a fraction of this food were donated instead there would be no need for ANY govt food program yet all you can so is exempt the overall apathy of Americans while placing full blame on the govt.

        This is something We the People could do but instead we complain about the govt.

    • Eric Snowden

      1st of all its not all of us americans. Its our government that treats people terrible. Our government in the south is the worst. How do u justify your horrible attitude towards americans or judge americans from the actions of a few morons? We are all not like that. Who the hell are you to put all Americans in the category of the idiots that run our country. Do you think all Americans agree with this nonsense? People like you run their mouth and dont do a dam thing to make things better for anybody. You dont know all Americans so don’t put all Americans in a category of what you think. If things were any better in your country your friends wouldn’t be here. Did you ever think its not up to you to judge others? You know nothing about my family culture so who the hell are you to comment? You dont know ne or anything about me and yet you judge me. You dont know all Americans so until you do know all Americans maybe you should learn to direct your comments correctly.

      • Devin_MacGregor

        It is not just our govt and it is more than just a few people. We way overproduce food in this country and throwout roughly half of it. The World Food Bank is short food every year. I am talking food that our grocery store chains throw into dumpsters nightly. Edible food. In 1996 the Good Samaritan Act was passed which exempted these companies from lawsuits. Albertson’s has a corporate program where they donate this food. Charities as well say they go short volunteers every year. IF just a fraction of this food were donated instead there would be no need for ANY govt food program yet all you can so is exempt the overall apathy of Americans while placing full blame on the govt.

        • Eric Snowden

          Un subscribe

        • Bruce Flingsting

          I love how if I preach about taking advantage of personal responsibility and accountability. I’m an addict. But if some narrow minded bigot preaches hate about America, you’re all for it. Hahhaahhahahahahhahahahahha jesus dude live your own life and don’t respond if you don’t like it man. Im here just to point out that we all have flaws. Maybe I’m stronger than you because I embrace them and work on them. Where you like to use your flaws to pile up anger and emotions and release them on the internet man.

        • Kyle Allen Gregg

          Why did the discussion stray so far from topic? If we’re going to start placing blame, comparing nations, or people within those nations; than we need to put the blame where it surely lie…All of humanity needs to change..maybe we should unite as ONE PEOPLE..rather than splitting everything into groups..people are people right? I think until we brake these self-created/imagined barriers, the world will always be the same. And power will always be willfully given by the people, to the few who take advantage of these flaws, and pit people against other people.

      • JonasDowner

        Of, by and for.

        It’s time we took a measure of responsibility. If our government is doing immoral and unethical things internationally and domestically and we simultaneously believe in The Constitution then the synthesis of those two notions places the responsibility for every immoral and unethical thing the government does squarely into the hands of the people. After all, in ‘Merka is great because there is no difference between the government and the governed. Right? …?

    • Phinehas

      Cheers from a Texas atheist anarchist

    • Crystal Lynn Walko

      I’m american and I totally agree with all you said!

    • Robert Johnston

      I’m glad that you DID read the “comments” section of this article, PA. I often do the same thing before commenting myself, just to get “the pulse” of the articl-in-question’s readership.

      However, know this…
      Try NOT to judge ALL Americans by the actions of those you read about/hear/see in our press. There are many Americans out there who give of themselves to try to make the world a much better place.

      And I happen to suffer from BOTH a physical (Congestive Heart Failure, which required that a pacemaker be implanted back in 2012) and a psychiatric disability (Schizo-Affective Disorder). Yet I am also a trained Peer Counselor, and work with my brother-and-sister sufferers to help them find the resources they need to “survive and succeed.”

      I agree that we need quite a bit of changing as a nation in a LOT of things. You go about your way–and I will go about it my way. Perhaps there might be some hope yet.

    • mrvegas68

      To be honest, I did not read your entire post. But you speak a lot of truth. We have a long way to go in this country.

    • Star Fisher

      i love you! thank you for this

    • Thomas Zell

      Did you expect anything different? The USA is the primary financier of ISRAEL! Only a dark and evil nation would give money to the occupation, and be proud of it. You haven’t really seen just how sick American society is, until you’ve seen two congressional candidates, from different parties, arguing over over who was a bigger whore at last years AIPAC conference.

      • palestinian atheist

        Well of course I know the US finances them. And I watch the US news. I have seen it all. I have also seen how TWICE already their politicians have cut food assistance to poor families and increased aid to the zionist entity.

        I guess the US’ motto is “Bombs not Food”.

        I am under no illusion. That’s why I told that gentleman up there that his country will fall. They’re willing to exploit themselves to death. It’s a sad mentality, and I hope they’re slapped out of it soon. I really don’t want to see mass death over there, regardless of how angry I may be at them for the way they treat my people.

    • DatDude

      No, last time I looked it seems there was a huge gap between rich and poor. The gap has been upgraded to the middle class. Your religion has not one ioda to with this and Capitalism most likely put money in your pocket too. Go figure. You lump to many good people into your tunnel vision viewpoint. You need to point out there as usual exceptions in any culture…WAKE UP!!!

      • palestinian atheist

        First off, where did I say anything about religion. Did you even read my moniker?

        Once again, some prejudiced putz decides to opine on something without looking at facts that ARE CLEARLY IN FRONT OF HIS FACE and pretends he scored a point in the debate.

        Also, it’s spelled “iota”. This coming from someone who speaks English as a second language. And it’s not “lump to many”, it’s “lump TOO many”…Once again, this is my second language.

        And capitalism didn’t put money in my pocket. It sure as hell has taken food off my table though. Capitalism is what’s responsible for the gap, you idiot. If there were no monetary system, there would be no gap. If people didn’t have to cough up a portion of what they produced to people who just sit on their ass all day and bark orders at them(i.e. bosses), they’d be able to take more home to their families. People don’t get rich on their own. It takes other people to make their money for them. It’s called exploitation, and you need to learn about why it’s created the system that is in place today, and that it’s possible to function without exploiting people.

        Anyway, your rant proves that I did no presumptive lumping, and I put you exactly in the category you belong.

        John Steinbeck once said that socialism will never take root in the US because the people see themselves not as an exploited proletariat(that’s working class in layman’s terms), but rather as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

        This is why the US will fall, and fall hard. You’re too proud when you should be ashamed.

        My people’s culture may not be perfect, but we learned thousands of years ago that in order to survive, you must work WITH others. No man survives on his own entirely. But by all means, continue on your way, thinking you know everything. Soon you’ll discover you don’t.

    • Karen Walden

      You reminded me of what happens when I give money, which I always do, to those asking for money at a certain intersection in Trenton, NJ. (and I am unemployed). It is at a traffic light and none of them evern approach my car when light is red – I always motion them over. If the light turns green and I am talking to or giving money to the person, the cars behind me lay on their horns, as I guess I am preventing them from speeding to their destination. You are right with everything you have said. A capitalist society is cruel and selfish.

    • Derrick

      Thanks for attributing the sins of some to all Americans. I’d imagine that some fear of the homeless thanks to bad acts of a past drifter or two contributed to these sorts of laws being passed.

    • nobody

      “The mentality of you Americans”


      • palestinian atheist

        LOL American isn’t a race.

        I love all the negative reactions. Keep ‘em coming, I need comic relief today.

        • sociology70

          Are you writing a high school paper? I can’t imagine you could writing from an objective point of view. When you get older and go to college you will be taught to leave out subjective opinions to make a valid point.

          • Vitki Omr

            If you are going to talk about writing, at least make sure your using progressive cases properly. “I can’t imagine you could writing from an objective point of view.” Take a breather…. thing about it… does that make sense? No.

            @Palestinian atheist. You are making some horrible generalizations about our society. Likewise, some people here would make horrible generalizations about your society. The simple fact here is that South Carolina is a shit-hole and needs to drop off into the sea.

            Realistically speaking though, there is a huge ideological social-war that is occurring within US society today. I think what we are seeing in our culture is the death of an era.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      Capitalism is not the issue. People who profess and live the ‘making money’ end of capitalism , often ignore the ‘Giving’ end of capitalism. Why do people want or need jobs? – because when they work they obtain capital to supply their wants and needs. This is good. However if you only do the “all for me” part and ignore the ‘give to those in need part’, you make a mess of the whole system. Also when the government attempts to take over the give part, they only obtain the capital to do so if they take it from those who rightfully earned it. This builds resentment in those who have it taken from them and Entitlement in those who receive. When capitalism is correctly, lived, the giver gains self respect and compassion, and the receiver gains humility which often leads to desire to do more for self. There will always be poor and afflicted and history shows that the capitalist system- self reliance and responsibility coupled with a reverence for all life- has been the vehicle that has created the most prosperity for the most people for the most time.

    • Treelander

      “The mentality of you Americans is sickening.” Fuck you.
      ” I hear your family culture is quite appalling too.” Fuck you.
      I don’t usually get angry at comments on the web, especially when they make some decent points but this is not the way to get your point across

      I live in the United States, and I try to be a decent human being while fighting for what I believe in working to put food on my table and helping take care of my grandfather who has alzheimer’s three times a week. I am sick of hearing people generalize about an entire country.

      Yes we have all these issues, but not everyone in our country is so apathetic. Just like any country we have problems that need to be solve, like Palestine for instance.

    • BrotherWill

      1. This isn’t American mentality in any way. This is the far left liberal Government of Columbia. FAR LEFT. In other words, Socialist/Communist elitists. Ironic considering your avatar.

      2. Homelessness and poverty are the creation of Socialism. Further adding to the irony of your stupid avatar.

      3. Capitalism provides jobs. Jobs provide income. Income destroys poverty and homelessness. Further highlighting the irony of your moronic avatar and self admitted anarchism.

      4. You are a retard.

      • palestinian atheist

        LOL you’re a funny fu*k.

    • Nicoleta Abusharekh

      If you think “Americans” are the only ones, you are sorely mistaken. Way to generalize! You start off your spiel saying how important it is NOT to judge someone, then you do just that! Why could someone be in a nursing home? Gee, maybe the person needs round the clock medical care, did you ever think of that? Most people aren’t born doctors and nurses to care for sick loved ones round the clock. People have to work and make a living! Pay for these trivial things like houses and food. Are you mental or what? Some people are able to work and take care of their elders also, but this is a luxury here! When the elders have Alzheimer’s and they wonder out in the street at any second, that is no easy task. My aunt took care of her husband with it and by the time he passed, she had pneumonia herself. She couldn’t leave him alone for a second and he began to fight. If you have never lived here or paid taxes here, I suggest you hush it. It must be nice living in a cushy Euro society with all kinds of recognition for being a parent and any other bonus. We don’t have that here. You are a slave to your job and you have to feed your family. No shit unemployment is rampant, are you paying attention to the market!?!! Is your head in the sand? Your society is different than American society. I agree, it’s not these people’s faults, the economy here is just screwed. There is no way to thrive if you are poor.

      • palestinian atheist

        Euro society? I live in Jordan you dipshit. I’m Palestinian.

        And don’t ever tell me to hush it. If I wasn’t telling the truth I wouldn’t have struck a nerve. And it seems I have burnt the pride of several on here. Maybe it’s time to sit back and reflect.

        And people in Jordan and all over the Middle East work their asses off and still are able to take care of relatives. Sorry, not buying it.

    • Rene NayNay Martinez

      I am also an American who couldn’t agree more with you sir. People are not disposable, nor should they be “Thrown away” like they’re now trying to do. I don’t believe in those nursing homes either, not if your perfectly capable of taking care of the loved one who took care of you for years. None of this surprises me though, not in the least. Living in this country it’s apparent that we don’t matter unless we’re government officials. I’m waiting for the day they start rounding us ALL up and sticking us into the “camps” for their mass genocide. It’s damn near impossible to make it here, unless you make 6 figures a year, which i don’t. I struggle to feed my kids and pay my bills every month, and when we turn to the government for help, they turn their backs on us. It honestly makes me sick…

    • Pandorum

      Finally. Someone who speaks sense.

    • Cathy Topping Monico

      palestinian athiest, you have to realize that these negative commenters are a small percentage of true Americans. The majority of us are 100% against this type of move. We have many homeless shelters, many of us donate clothes, blankets and money to help the homless. You are most likely going by what you see on your news that most likely portrays America in a bad way. We are also guilty of having negative views on people from your country. We don’t often see or hear about the good people of your country. There are good and bad all over the world. Please don’t accuse all Americans of being cold and heartless.

    • shells

      as far as compassion and such goes – it kind of depends on where you are. yes sadly the whole “capitalist, must make money and have a huge house and be successful in everything” mentality does seem to be the main thing and the system allows for that small percent of greedy bastards to stay that way where people like me – average hard working and getting nothing in return, cant really do anything about it. …there are different reasons to go the nursing home route, doesnt mean they dont care about their family…the unemployment though is quite awful, i got my bachelors last year, and still have yet to land anything even part time/min wage…$30k in debt, and no job. and cant really get help and have to fight with my loan provider to make it so that i dont have to pay anything right now…sucks. and because of my lack of funds and resources – can’t really go help others the way i’d like to…

      point being – not all americans are heartless pricks that think this sort of thing is a good solution for homeless/hungry

    • Jessica Corine Dover

      Its not all americans you know, and im getting really tired of my government portraying their image on us. the actual us. we’re a lot more caring than you think.

      • Jessica Corine Dover

        & people in other countries have these qualities too you know.
        arrogance and such.
        and I wouldn’t say its arrogance but more or less pride for who we are because we know we care for each other. That’s why our military is fighting…we have organization out there trying to help other counties to you know so saying we treat you buys wrong seems a little bias.

        • Jessica Corine Dover

          *basically we’re not all bad people so seeing comments like this is becoming bothersome. Its bias, hypocritical ( because no ones perfect ) and extremely rude.

    • Sumibraxis Dei

      shut the fuck up. You dont have these bums raping your children, and shitting on your lawn to worry about. Secondly, YOU”RE allegedly palistinian… how the FUCK are you on the internet anyway, you phoney bastard!?

      • palestinian atheist

        They have internet in the Middle East too, you retarded dipshit.

        • Sumibraxis Dei

          Oh yes they do….well governed, but either way, you’re not in Palestine, so it matters little.

          • palestinian atheist

            I’m in Jordan. Your point? Shut up.

          • Sumibraxis Dei

            no…. no you’re not. little girl I grew up in a place called Botswana. I have been all over that continent and the middle east. you’re in Ohio or some gay shit, but you are NOT anywhere near nafwas, or in the middle east. I mean you don’t even know the laws there…OBVIOUSLY. such a poser

          • palestinian atheist

            I doubt that. Plus I don’t give a fuck where you think I am from. You haven’t proved your claim so STFU.

            Oh, and points deducted for homophobia. Fuck off.

    • TheBitchYouLoveToHate

      NOT ALL Americans think like this, and it is sad that most think with their heads up their asses. I find it sickening that being homeless is illegal, considering that a lot of those people cannot help it. I actually converse with a lot of the people in my town who are homeless and a lot of them were veterans of war, or business owners or top paid doctors who lost it all when they lost someone close to them. A lot of the people who judge here have apparently never been homeless and known what it is like to be ridiculed, all because people want to assume you’re not contributing any to society.. No, chances are they aren’t contributing to theirs, but I was once homeless and I can assure you that the reason why is because I could not find a place that fit my income.. I mean, I could rent out a place, but I could not afford to have hot water, so what was the use of spending $800 a month to shelter me, but not provide an amenity that was needed? I also agree that there are way too many houses that just sit and rot in hopes someone will buy that home… Why not give it to someone who could use it?! Before people go to judging these people and making this a crime maybe they should sit down and converse with them. A little sign of caring is enough to motivate someone to try a little harder.

      • palestinian atheist

        Housing in Jordan is super expensive too, out of the reach of most single folks….people here solve that issue by just moving their whole families in and pooling the resources. And renting is rare in this part of the world….most people buy apartments here.

    • Jim

      Looks to me like you are not above judging everyone in America based on these few comments you’ve read here.

    • jessica

      For someone who is so adamant that it is not our place to judge others, you just passed a whole lot of judgement onto a whole lot of Americans who don’t belond beneath the blanket statement that you just made. Not all of us toss our elderly off into the hands of the first or cheapest people who claim they will care for them, but not all of us have the ability to care for them either. You don’t know every single person’s situation, so imstead of reading a few articles about how disgusting us Americans are, why don’t you come on over and put yourself in some of these less fortunate folks’ shoes and see how well you fair when your own resources are extremely limited.

      That said, there are also those who dont deserve to have some stranger’s help. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for some of these so-called homeless folks who have made such obscenely and obviously poor decisions in their lives and haven’t managed to learn from and correct it before homelessness happened. That doesn’t make me cold heart or a “disgusting American,” it means that I am smart enough to realize who genuinely needs a hand up instead of wasting my energy and priceless resources on people who won’t use them to get back onto their feet amd start moving ahead.

    • Diana

      Please, not all American’s agree with this. Espeshly the homeless ones. I have been homeless in my life & I know others who have also been homeless. SO please do not judge us all. There are those that have a small heart, & there are those that open our doors, & our wallets to help out. Thank you. Bless….

    • Rererak

      Do me a favor and don’t lump all Americans together. In fact, a majority of what you see is just a small percentage of the abuse going on in the states BECAUSE WE NOTICE IT AND TRY TO NOTIFY OTHERS. Remember that even this article is JUST ONE CITY, but we are already jumping on board to make sure this horrendous act is ended.
      As for the “nursing home” bit, while some do take advantage of it, there are many people who end up in this homes with no family or choose to go because they know their family cannot afford to keep them there. Abuse isn’t always rampant in the homes, I know because I worked in a very similar environment that is often compared. We try to weed out the bad employees and there are several people who are happy with their living conditions, where they can meet people who share interests and visit with family but still get the medical attention that need that their family would not normally understand. It’s not neglect.

      And I get it, people whose comments are buried beneath the long thread of replies here can often be horrible too, that’s the issue with the internet and the anonymity it provides. It dredges up the worst of humanity. People are more willing to be insulting, often to get a response such as yours. In fact, I would even suggest you are in the same lines as them, making a comment that would almost guarantee anger any American with the slightest bit of patriotism. So in many ways, deciding to be entirely racist (and that IS what you are being), you are just like the filth that are walking around in the trenches of this comment section.

      We have many stupid people with power. A lot of our politicians are corrupt. Our government needs to be looked at and desperately needs to be reworked, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our family. That doesn’t mean even a city’s worth of people want to force the homeless and the hungry to suffer in “concentration camps.” These articles, and a lot of the replies here saying “we agree on the terms that this is a wrong act”, in my opinion, prove that we give a damn about our people. I apologize for the redundancy in a lot of what I’m saying, but it is all true.

    • Dwahhh


    • Martin Ognyanov

      Do you live in America, do you work in America, and do you donate to the homeless in America, then stop judging Americans. Dont put your American stereotype in appliance to all Americans, because there are different kinds of people with different personalities, and yes Capitalism can be ignorant sometimes, but tell me what your government accomplishes everyday, and try appling your government to the American people, lets see how that goes, no ones perfect, so grow up and STOP judging US!!!!

    • DNA(splicer)

      dont judge them, its not their fault. As an intellectual who was raised outside technology till 18 i realized that the brainwashing in the american house hold through television media and propaganda is outstanding. It creates a warped mind set created by the media machine to mold humans into what they want them to be. I learned this from being in school here as well. After years in the american education i realized that people become insensitive to things that they shouldnt be. Americans think that everything is your responsibility and all that befalls you is all you doing and no one else. However there are things that no one god or man can control, it is inevitable. However americans live in a cuddled state that will last until the reality comes to them through tragedy befalling them which by that time it will be too late to act.

      I am an american and i love this nation more than my life however what the people in power have done to the citizens is an abomination and i must say was very cleverly done that not even those affected even know about it.

      Nothing can be done at the current moment, there is a cycle in human history for our memory is very fickle and since we forget transgressions and chaos of the past we are cursed to have future chaos fall upon us cyclically. Chaos refreshes the wounds allowing us an era of tranquility then we forget and then chaos comes again to remind us. If you study the history of humanity you will see this cycle very clearly happening at every corner stone of many societies that fell or just transitioned to a new government and leadership.

  • Anna Savage

    The downtown business area? That sounds like an area generating a lot of money. Why can’t they pool some funds and assist homeless people to get somewhere to live, so they are no longer homeless?

  • Vienna Camp Snyder

    So…. are they going to put them to sleep when they get to full? Then go get more! Arrest them? That will cost the county money! Instead of helping them.I’m really worried about what this world is becoming.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    This is why we need to grow up and GET RID OF GOVERNMENT. PERIOD. Too many psychopaths gravitate to it.

  • nopoliticalties

    STEPPED TOO FREAKING FAR out of their zone! I think this is NUTS! I was considered homeless because I rented a place from my parents even though i paid rent it was not “MY HOME”

  • pinkberrygrrl

    Unacceptable and patently unconstitutional, both the being homeless part and the feeding the homeless part. Someone needs to call the ACLU. They love cases like this.

  • rhonan

    Simple solution: find a property owner just outside city limits, and a crew of voluntary shuttle buses.

  • Mzchocolatedropz So Tasti

    Discrimination…. This is sad

  • Aline Cohen

    I just read today an article about how the world is loosing its ability to feel empathy… This story prove that it is true!

  • John Redman

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how devolved the human brain must be to submit to or believe that because some sociopaths have declared for themselves authority over free and Sovereign people of the world. Further that they would not simply help those who need help and tell those demanding compensation; ie the Government, to sod off as they work for US and that means ALL of US not just the overpaid liars and thieves in office. Orders from their ‘superiors’ do not trump orders from those who designed, paid for and supported their organization over the years; ie Citizens. It is long past time for Revolution.

    • a2phil

      Take a look at the government, religion and the law…

      • John Redman

        Exactly these establishments create the systems by which victims are created out of innocents who want nothing to do with them or their system(s).

  • Karissa

    Personally I feel that this is justifiable… I mean it’s wrong to a degree, but as the other few explained within these comments, they put themselves in their position for the majority, being alcohol users, drug users, and so on. Harsher laws like this would encourage someone such as a homeless person to make a decision whether or not he/she should be making a difference for themselves, or letting themselves get dragged along with the rest of the homeless people who have no motivation to do anything. If they are users, I’d hope they won’t be able to get their hands on their supply once they’re in the door.

    • Karissa

      And before someone goes off on this, I’m referring to a strict policy of doing so – They should evaluate each individual they wish to take in, and only take in the ones who are addicts, or who are mentally unstable.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        Thank you. Mentally ill and domestic abuse victims should be handled in a much different fashion. We should treat these special cases, but not enable the addicts and the deadbeats.

        • Neeks

          Enabling them to sleep outside, in the cold of night? Enabling them to lack everything down to toilet paper? Tell me exactly what you are missing out on in this situation..? People have to deal with their decisions, like you said, but a small helping hand and a little compassion can go a long way for a broken soul.

          We all do terrible things in terms of pure and clean reality. Your negative views are not changing these people, and they sure as hell are not proactive towards unfolding habitual ignorance. You lack understanding on how the human mind works and what it needs in order to heal, but what should I expect within this currently man-made existence?

          • Bruce Flingsting

            /sigh. “negative views”

            Because taking accountability for your life and starting to do something with it is negative. Please just go live with the homeless if it’s such a great choice or lack there of apparently.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            And whose to say it’s nice vice versa, you think you know the story.

            I have heard one saying that I hate “Two sides to every story.” Sure… There can be a billion different sides. But there is only one truth. It is a combination of the stories. That is all I’m telling. You view it as negative and cynical. Where I view it as empathy. I’ve been homeless before. I’ve had nights with no food and days the same. Being hopeless is no fun. However, you gotta realize IS YOUR LIFE. YOU HAVE CONTROL OF IT. SOMEONE CAN’T WAVE A MAGIC WAND AND FIX YOUR SHIT FOR YOU. But I got that impression, and a ton of homeless people have that impression because people give them a crutch, without giving them resources. I’m not saying take away the food or the beds. I’m just saying, simply, they, and I did when I was homeless grow acustom to having shit provided for you. To the point where I saw people taking it for granted, abusing the system, and fighting over it. Yet, you sit here and say it’s because their situation and how desperate. No. That’s just because they don’t know what to do anymore. Just like I did.

            Before you state “That’s your experience” realize this is the common mindset of the homeless that this article is relating to.

            Domestic abuse victims, mentally ill, and other special cases should be treated as special cases. However the people who are drug addicts, drop outs, lazy, or just want hand outs, don’t even think they have a future. Unfortunately for me, (fortunate now, because I learned from that experience and it made me the man I am today.) I was both shitted on in a special case (my father died as a boy and my mother died and boom homeless) and then I developed drug issues.

            It’s incredible how aggressive people get when someone speaks the truth about life. This isn’t even remotely arguable. Please just induldge the thought:

            How long can you provide a bed and a sandwich? Until they die? Because you just enabled them into being homeless until they die.

            I want to make an actual difference and work my way to success so I can build recovery centers to house several addicts or people who haven’t found a place in life. And teach them how to find themselves for themselves. You don’t need anything besides the ability to think, self-criticize, and believing in yourself. We created this world over time. It’s not going to change overnight in the way you want it.

            If you want to change the world, you have to work for it. But homeless people don’t have to work to get their lives back? Get a fucking grip and realize it’s a mix of being discipline and compassion. It’s empathy for me, regardless if you think i’m being compassionate or not.

          • Devin_MacGregor

            Again all I see up and down this forum is an addict preaching. Stop it Bruce and go away.

          • a2phil

            Don’t feed the trolls…

            I give posters 3 posts MAXIMUM…after that, they still keep saying the same s***, I consider them trolls…

  • Bruce Flingsting

    I am going to offend a lot of you when I say this, but this comment section is full of enabling pussies.

    Mentally ill and domestic abuse cases are special and should be treated as such. I doubt many shop owners have a problem with abused mothers coming in their shops and begging and getting vulgar. Get a grip guys.

    There is a huge difference between enabling and helping as I have said in the comments:
    Help isn’t giving a man a fish, it’s teaching him how to fish.

    With that said, we need to give these people a recovery center that gives them real choices and real structure. They are clearly unable to create it for themselves. And if you want to talk about learning from your past. How about: A recovery center that helps people learn and grow, instead kills them by the millions or tortures them for labor. I know that was sick, but seriously. That’s what you guys are thinking.

    But sure, let’s keep giving homeless more food and a place to sleep and let the people who ended up here figure it out themselves without giving them the actual chance or tools… Like we’ve been doing for hundreds of years in tons of different cultures and governments. Give them the tools, not the finished product.

    Giving someone a meal is great, I’m not trying to under-mind it. But you’re overstating what it is. You are literally getting them through another day. Like a kick stand. Coping isn’t fixing.

    • Devin_MacGregor

      Go away addict. Fix your addiction first and stop asking for our confirmation of your views. Quit with the preaching. And nice one keyboard warrior. Hiding behind a keyboard calling people pussies. What happened to respecting other people’s opinions?

      • Bruce Flingsting


  • Derek Lee

    Make this so in Portland!!!! Portland NEEDS to do this!

  • Peoplesassembly Ofdemocracyvil

    Do not criminalize the homeless

  • William R. Taylor III

    Uh this is unconstitutional.

  • Marty Williams

    CIVILIAN PRISON CAMP people better wake up.

  • unionssuck

    who are the councilman? why would they do this? it is hate? even if reversed people need to know…….all the towns people should have camped on the streets…..

  • Guest


  • Reggie Cooper Haws

    Has anyone heard of the term Shanty Towns???

  • Erica Chapman

    Food for thought everyone:
    YES part of the information in this article is old, however, the law, just as it’s stated here, was passed. It was revoked because of the backlash. BUT let’s remember one thing. There are FEMA camps ALL OVER the country. Do your own research. It’s REAL and it’s happening. Don’t be surprised if you see fewer homeless people on the streets and lined up at the soup kitchens. It’s happening whether it’s public knowledge or not! Don’t be ignorant and trust them just because they said they reversed the law. They passed that law and this one about the fee’s and permits behind our backs! Would you really be surprised to know they do a lot behind our backs? They wouldn’t have passed it if they didn’t already have everything set up.

  • kayla

    wow definitely an abuse of power- scary actually

  • Lucy Talkington

    And just what will the authorities do if we as a citizen fill our cars with sandwiches and such and hand it out to those in need as we’re passing by. Will we be arrested? I’ve been homeless and there are more people out there whom look upon a homeless soul as subhuman. Thank God for the those whom DO care to help. We never ever know when we might be in the same situation.

  • Lucy Talkington

    History does repeat itself…

  • Laura Jones

    It is the wrong solution but what is the right solution?
    I am a student at PSU downtown Portland Or. I am afraid of the homeless around my school, I have been spit on and yelled at for not giving them money. In less than a year I have been accosted by seven different homeless people demanding money. I will not shop at Safeway Downtown because of the huge line up of homeless people I have to fight my way through sitting on the sidewalk. I have to be armed to go to school.
    I HATED my commute to USBank, it’s on the north side of downtown where it’s much worse, you couldn’t pay me to walk north of Burnside even in broad day light.
    So what is the right solution to this problem?
    Should contributing citizens be bullied out of downtown?
    Where will they go to beg when all the businesses close because no one wants to be harrassed by the homeless & beggars?

  • Gabrielle Martin


  • FlagmoT’ism

    uhh Yeah ‘ It gives business and tourism a bad reputation, to have people suffering or just living on the streets in poverty .. ♥

  • Matt BarnRat

    Glad to be canadian!!!

  • lil toad

    How about doing something about Gangs? Most homeless are people who fall through the cracks or are mentally ill in some way or another. This does not solve the problem, only hides it

  • john divine

    fema camp roundups are starting

  • Terri Ishara Castro

    That because of all the dam greedy people in power don’t want to give homeless people a job and homes. They look and no luck.

  • Lisa

    Reading belowing seeing the comments of negativity. If these places are treated properly. Names taken and such they could actually help. What I am thinking about is the number of people who have gone missing that may have one or more mental issues and may not even remember where home is. There are many reason someone is homeless. Mental issues, Abuse, etc, they could even choose to be homeless as I know first hand some that do choose that. Instead of complaining maybe take action see what is going on. I am not commenting on any of the other parts to this articul just the posts made regarding it. :D WHY IS EVERYONE SO NEGATIVE?!?!

  • Melvin Purvis

    A few years ago, I had a van park down the trail on my lake-front property here in NW Montana. They had scavenged my cut wood and left behind a trashy mess. I was notified by a neighbor, so went down to see what was going on. My dog ran ahead; a Golden Retriever, he’s mellow as heck. When I got down to the van, I found three people; two men in their mid to late twenties, and a girl that looked to be around 16. One of the fellows, the largest and what seemed to be the oldest, had my dog by the collar. I asked him to let go of my dog, to which he replied “This is my dog.” I unholstered a pistol and told him to let go of my dog and get the fuck off my property RIGHT NOW! Your mileage may vary, but that shit was abso-fucking-lutely unsatisfactory; and will be, always. :-(

  • Jack Back

    So much for the ‘land of the free’

  • Paulpot

    The US is looking ever more like the old Soviet Union.

    • O O

      No, the USSR would have provided these people with regular appartments.

  • Nabil Ghusein

    23% of the Homeless Population Are U.S Veterans.

    • Jim

      I was one of them and met many others. My own homelessness was the result of legal, non criminal problems that caused me to owe large unpayable amounts to government and my ex wife. There are many other reasons for being homeless including having a criminal record, serving your time and paying your debt and then not being able to get a job, being evicted because of mortgage company or real estate fraud, etc. Mr Bruce has pulled himself by his bootstraps, without help according to him, and therefore anyone that doesn’t is a mooch. Funny thing, when you read the Wiki bios of all the top “self made” men out there, they all are extraordinarily lucky as far as who their parents were.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        I’m not claiming a pulled myself out by my bootstraps mate. I’m claiming I took accountability for my situation and life, regardless of what wasn’t in my control. I found a great prayer (I’m personally not religious though.) that helped me seize my moments: “…Accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” I realized once I hit “my rockbottom” I was willing to do anything to get out. Which meant going anywhere for a job and doing anything to get some money. The people who gave me the jobs and the opportunities are the ones I am thanking today for where I am now. I am not claiming to be this god from the underground. I am claiming that I took advantage of a shit situation. I am claiming that more people should be giving homeless people jobs instead of sandwiches.

        I saw a news report about a code writer giving an option to a homeless man to either: Get a laptop and books and learn how to code OR take like 50 bucks. The homeless man took the laptop and books and went through with the coding lessons and now loves to code. This is his restart.

        I am claiming that it’s more than a sandwich and a water that will get these people back on their feet. It’s an opportunity. I’m sorry if you misunderstood that. But I wish to soon show that in a clear way.

        Also, my parents were fortunate. Both educated, and rich. We got hid with hard times when my father got cancer, and died after refinancing the house. Then my mother. Sure it sucks, no it isn’t easy. But you have to keep pushing and not let life control you. I’m just sad that most people don’t realize this and don’t know how to accomplish it in healthy manners. Stress can kill someone.

        • palestinian atheist

          Well Bruce, you proved that people who are homeless want to NOT be homeless. But sadly most of them do not have the opportunity your example above was given. Many of them die without ever being given a second chance.

          And no they should be giving them jobs and sandwiches. A man works best on a full belly.

          And not everyone is as strong as you, sir. Some people, it only takes one traumatic event and they’re destroyed beyond repair.

          • Bruce Flingsting

            “ut sadly most of them do not have the opportunity your example above was given. ” Yes they do. People in our society just don’t allow them to take advantage of it. I had to go to three different community colleges before I was accepted.

            3 different community colleges. You gotta realize people are different, but we’re all blood. Our perceptions and our understanding of those perceptions shape our world. Reality is perspective. If you allow your reality to be diluted by what people want you to think or what you expect/expectations, you will not have an easy time.

      • palestinian atheist

        I read that the vast majority were white with good connections too.

  • Lisa Marie Woodrich

    No offense but do you really expect anything different from the state of south carolina. This is the only state that has the confederate flag on their capital building, they executed a 14 year old black kid, the place has open clan members who are active members of the community, and they are criminalizing homelessness- considering all the other things that are synonymous with the state is this even a shock? That is like being mad at Texas for some backward abortion law, what else are you going to expect?

  • beth6246

    in my town the homeless have their own camps in the woods. 90% of them get social security, yet spend it all on drugs n alsohol within 2 days. there’s an organization that feeds them 3 meals a day, shelter from 7am to 4pm (overnite when freezing), showers, and laundry. they are enabling. we need more addictions treatment in Elkton, MD.

    • palestinian atheist

      And how many of these folks are mentally ill individuals who are attempting to self-medicate? How many of them have witnessed trauma that has ruined them for the rest of their lives? You have no idea why they are unable to find a home. I know SS only pays a few hundred dollars a month, maybe the cost of living exceeds that of their income. Sure they need addiction treatment, but I can tell you that abject poverty is a main cause of drug abuse. People drink or medicate themselves to escape their pitiful surroundings. It’s a major issue in Gaza and in the poorer parts of Jordan. Rich folk use drugs too, but only poor people get attacked or judged for it. The drug abuse is a symptom, not a cause.

      • Bruce Flingsting

        You are using this article as a means to propel your hate towards america. You don’t give a fuck about helping anyone besides your own views.

        • O O


  • Elvira Emerson Cook

    This is pure crap!! I know of no one who chooses to be homeless! I used to live in both Myrtle Beach and W Columbia and can’t believe how cruel the people of this state, (and many others,) have become. What ever happened to compassion?

  • Jenjen

    This is BS! Who the hell voted for THAT law?

  • kkdecay

    Perhaps you should stop invading and bombing countries and start looking after your citizens. Shame on you America, shame on you!!!

    • palestinian atheist

      Thank you for saying that. That’s exactly my sentiment(coming from the region the US loves to bomb so much)

  • Cindy Frederico Giusti

    No way… what is wrong with this world.

  • nj1chill

    i tend to support the homeless, but i’ve been reading the comments here and i believe there are several issues in play. 1) the govt owes its citizens a safety net for the mentally handicapped. there should never be a homeless mentally ill person. 2) millions of folks are two to three paychecks away from real homelessness. 3) yes, there are hipster homeless people who find a romance in being downtrodden and “forgotten”.

    what Columbia is doing is shameful. my next question is, why aren’t the churches housing the homeless? isn’t South Carolina part of the bible belt?

  • Donald Jud

    are these comments real?

    • Donald Jud

      from real people?

  • wiseryet

    The end has begun for many dozen million Americans who will go there for other reasons like: Being a Republican, or a Christian.

    • palestinian atheist

      Hahaha you’re joking, right? You have got to be joking.

  • Robert Johnston

    We went through all of this back during the “Victorian/Gilded Age” between 1880-1910.

    It is indeed rather sad to see that many of our folks here in the “modern” era have forgotten how truly wretched the so-called “Gilded Age” really was…and clamor for the return of such “Halcyion” days.

    Satyanna was correct. We have forgotten the lessons about things like the Gilded Age…and now we are repeating the mistakes that were made in that time–and far more!

    So, what are we to do about it?

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    1,500 homeless in Columbia and Obama thinks it is a good plan to bring in refuges from Syria and Somalia? It is called math and his logic is just not adding up. As far as Columbia goes, setting up a homeless camp is at least doing something to help 250 of them have shelter and offering a shuttle ride back is better than them having to walk to town. Southern towns are probably hit the hardest during the winter when the homeless, who are able too, migrate to Southern towns for the winter. Those who are found to have mental illness should be given placement in a group home and be screened for medical care. Some forms of mental illness may present a danger to the public and to the victim of mental illness if left untreated. In addition, any of the homeless with children need help to get their children to school if possible. Fees for using city picnic shelters for group picnics are common place in other towns. Organizations could work with local city churches to feed the poor and by pass the park fees or take the food to the camp outside of town. During the depression the county I live in had a county farm for the homeless with bunk houses and a staff to train and help the residents work their way out of poverty on the farm by raising their own food and having free housing. They were able to earn a small percentage of the profits from their gardening for a wage in exchange for their labor and by growing vegetables sold to local markets they eventually saved enough to move off the farm and find other jobs and homes. Also, during some of the World Wars when times were hard and people were even limited to the amount of groceries they could purchase in town by being issued “war rations” which were coupon books which gave you the right to purchase so much of this or that item any excess at a farmer’s market was quickly bought up. We think of food stamps today as free food but the war ration stamps were not free food it was simply the freedom to buy so much flour or so much sugar, meat, etc… because the entire country was strapped for food. Gardening really is a noble activity and the homeless could repay the citizens of Columbia for providing them shelter with some effort in growing some vegetable gardens. Any young person healthy enough to join the military or the peace corps in a town with that much of a homeless crisis should be drafted in by a town Judge to serve the country. Times are hard because the elite have corrupted the system to hoard up too much capital without creating enough jobs to spread the wealth around and consequently some towns are facing tough choices. Obama cutting the infantry is not helping this situation. Unless an elite in Columbia can document so many new jobs created in their county a year, they really should be taxed accordingly by the local government until their county gets back on its feet. The increased tax revenue could then be used by the city to build better infrastructure for attracting new businesses to the area and to grant capitol loans to those who are willing to create more jobs. 1,500 sounds like a lot however with proper city management they should be able to turn their situation around.

  • aintthispeachy

    There was a time when there were no homeless as we know them now, sure there were a few. We called them bums hobo’s etc. In 1980 President Jimmy Carter signed the Mental Health systems act. It was the feeling of the left back then that mental patients were unfairly commited into institutions. This act did two things, it opened the floodgate of non violent mentally ill out of the institutions into the care of their families. In most cases families did not have the resources to treat their sick family members. If you remember the ’80’s this is when this phenomenon of the “homeless” began. It was the mentally ill living in downtown areas and parks. The other thing that it idid that have huge repercussions in present day society is the act made it next to impossible to institutionalize mentally ill people for more than 72 hours. Fast forward to all of the psychos who have committed mass murder even though their families tried to get them institutionalized.

  • Bones

    I would like to know the number of citizens who have called the hot line. What a disgrace for these cities and it’s citizens.

  • Sharon

    This is some BS.. How are you going to say that??? They would not be homeless if they did not lose their jobs and fall on hard times. This is an abuse of power!!! People need to start speaking up for people like this. It is really sad to see some many people homeless.

    • Sharon


  • Melanie Friese

    I have to agree with Palestinian and Devin.. it no longer amazes me the lack of empathy or the extent some will go to blame, and persecute the disenfranchised.. all those type of ideals come from ingrained myths which hold zero fact or even workable theory… stupid people should not be allowed to make laws..

    • Melanie Friese

      one word to Bruce; crawl out of your antiquated hole and get some facts.. Homeless come from: mentally ill, those who have fallen from unemployment and have nothing now, abused kids and young adults; and in the process have then become addicts.. These people are not being lazy or sucking off your tit for free milk. Those are the ones sitting on welfare and not even bothering to get an education, look for a job, and teach to their kids how to work the system as i have seen in my career.. for every one lazy ass taking advantage there are hundreds who truly need it. So shut up and get an education before spouting old age myths about the poor or homeless.

  • Oscar Blank

    I’ve met a few homeless people because of where I work. For the most part, they want to be homeless, which is hard for me to understand. Call it a mental issue, but I think they just desire pure freedom, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most were on drugs and/or alcoholics, but the same could be said for people living in homes. It is what it is. Help them when you can, but beware of the fakes. Not all of the people you think are homeless actually are. Some are just out begging for money because it pays well.

  • @libnletlib

    Well of course! With as many states considering decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana…. the private prison corporations have to find another means of keeping their facilities full of cheap labor workers.

  • Myers

    Dude..this is just like people…to try and control others… I tell you what Mr. Mayor…if you are such a Nazi…then you should just move yourself…to an Island…in the middle of lets say…the Insanity ocean…and the coast of communistland… …. you have no idea what you are doing…look at the Bill of Rights…and reflect on the treatment of the Japanese Americans during WW2…you are a moron…and the people behind you…well they are in the same pin head boat…land of the “Free” dorks.

  • Dvarnell

    If we as the richest country in the world cannot help our own people, then shame on all the officials who are doing this. The best way to help a homeless person is to extend a hand to help them up… NOT handcuff them and take them to jail. Shame shame on you. Remember the saying there but for the grace of God go I ? This is shameful.

  • Erich

    Yes as a matter of fact it does; “People’ Park” on the south side of UCB, and the surrounding area. Gimme a fucking break. The peeps in this photo are what they are by choice not design. Living “homeless” is a game to this particular type of vagrant and they are quickly creating a social kickback which will only hurt those in our society who REALLY need help. Gimme a photo of peeps truly in need 9there are plenty of them) and quit trying to wag the dog. This North American Atrocity is real enough sans hyperbole. Take a close look at these dogs who are cleaner,healthier, and better nourished than the truly needy in our society. One can not group North Americans by the actions/thoughts/comments of a few.

  • Johnboy

    This is insane! Nazi Germany probably started this way. It would be one thing to put them somewhere with nice beds, separate rooms and education and mental health treatment as needed. It’s quite another to put them in a Bladerunner type camp.

    This sickens me and shows the road our nation is going down.

  • Doug

    The decision was rescinded months ago

  • peterpun

    this only works for the private prison business. If there are no inmates, there are no jails.
    “Are there still work houses? Are there still debtors’ prisons” thanks to Ebenezer Scrooge..
    What do we expect from the deep south?
    Sorry if you’re from there, it’ll take a lot of work to remove all that past.

  • SickOf BeingCoddled

    freedom of association and to move about in a respectful way is a protected right. You cannot be banned from an area and laws cannot be enforced that violate your rights. This is ssssssssooooooooooooooo not legal. and if you don’t want the same thing to happen to you when you have a downturn in prosperity, you better stand up for these people NOW

  • animalaura

    This is a testing ground for a FEMA camp. I would bet it will be guarded by x-mil too.
    If the people are capable of work, there are jobs they can do…. but they may have to move out of state. I feel sorry for the poor dogs.

  • justify

    They could seriously think this stuff through in scandinavia. The citizens would be more than pleased to get rid of the gypsies and porchmonkeys who do nothing but disobey the law by robbing, raping, assaulting, destroying property, selling “drugs” and other stolen property of others. And the goverment really thinks this pest is the “future working aid” but why haven’t they done anything since 70’s ? You tell me..

  • Taranis flatjack

    They should atleast give them some options… but on the bright side not everywhere is like that so there will always be places to hitchhike too that don’t suck ass…

  • Kristina Ann Bay

    This baffles me. I want to deny it, scream that this isn’t something that our state would do – but god help me there is a part of me that isn’t surprised. How is this legal? How is it possible for the goverment to say “Oh, you are homless? We shall not pity you! We shall jail you or hold you captive. You choose! AND if you don’t manage to become a captive before our beds are filled, well…you’ve run out of choices! JAIL!” What happened to helping your fellow man? What happened to freedom and rights for all? This makes me want to cry! Inustiace at its best!

  • sociology70

    For those who think this is hateful and unfair perhaps you need to consider the fact that a homeless person living on the streets is vulnerable to starving, freezing to death, being bullied or tortured and/or dying from an alcohol or drug overdose. Are the authorities really so bad to transport them to a safe and secure bunk house where they will be fed and housed for the night? A cruel government is one that allows homelessness to continue and turns away blindly. Good for those of you who think you are helping by giving them a few bucks on the street, but in the long run are you really helping them out?

  • guest

    This is disgusting, and this shouldn’t be a argument “I’m right your wrong” political views aside this is fucked up. Quit generalizing about Americans that’s bullshit

  • Nonya

    Not all of us Americans are that bad. I think forcing them into camps is wrong.

  • freddy

    The knuckleheads that are bashing the US are really something. Some say that Canada is better, some say other countries…well, I’ll tell ya all somethhing, none of those countries have the population that the US does and most other countries will not let a person sit on their rears, make numerous babies, and then expect the Gov’t to take care of them.
    Look at the picture of the people in the article. THEY DON”T WANT JOBS! They want to smoke dope and sing Kum-Ba-Ya all day.
    Drop every single US citizen AND all the illegals in Canada (which according to some is SOOOOO much better) and see what happens. The same that is happening here in the US.
    Cananda has a population of 34+ million. The US has a population of 311+ million.
    Think about that for a minute….the US has almost 10 times the people as Canada.
    In Canada 20% of the kids are poor. (Remember, they have less people than the US)
    In the US 21% of the kids are poor. (Remember, they have 10 times MORE people than Canada)
    Are you people even researching these issues before you bash this great country of Ameica?

    • Bearson

      Alright assgoblin let me start by saying the amount of ignorance in your post is perfect as an example of how people like you set this country back 50 years.. I live in my car. I have a job. I have no children. I have never taken a penny from another person. Everything I spend, EVERY LAST DIME I HAVE has been earned off the sweat of my brow. I have never taken a penny in government aid. I did not sign up for Obamacare, and I never beg on the streets for something I’m perfectly capable of earning. I’ve never taken a free meal form anyone. Im not addicted to drugs. And you want to sit on your rednecked Chevy high horse and go “THESE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE THEY DONT WANT JOBS AND I KNOW THIS BECAUSE THATS HOW THEY LOOK. THEY JUST WANNA TAKE THE AMERICANS HARD EARNED TAXES.” Well guess what ass pipe? A large group of the homeless population all around the nation HAVE jobs. Most of the homeless people I’ve met, don’t accept ANY form of government aid. So those people should be put on a camp that is, in case you haven’t learned history, basically the begining grounds of a concentration camp? Next time you go ranting your shit about something you’ve got not the slightest clue about, maybe you should take your own foot and shove it sideways up your own anus for me.

      • palestinian atheist

        Assgoblin lol…..can I use that in the future haha?

    • Vickie Roach

      america is the vilest, most evil corporation on the whole planet and people like you who rant so much with so little knowledge or intelligence are simply blindly rabid statists! america is evil and the whole world hates you for what you have done to us – as do millions upon millions of your own citizens…

  • Delilah

    “I hate the homeless…ness problem – that plagues our city.”
    ~ Captain Hammer

  • Jypsie Anna

    I am a american, and so sad to hear of this happening in the USA. It scares me. I know if a republican takes office next term, We will prolly be seeing many more of these camps. My husband and I are barely making it. He worked his ass off for 35 years and now disabled and I cant work and trying to get disability as well. Lots of people finding themselfs falling on hard times, with the way the economy is. I feel we as Americans need to have a war with our government officials. Yes the city I live in, all the empty houses.. its sad, Why cant they just give them homes to the homeless. Why let them sit and rot and turn into drug houses? Its sad. Last year alone I know of 6 houses just around my neighborhood that they tore down and made empty lots, This is so wrong what their doing in SC. Makes me to never want to visit there. They might think Im homeless and throw me beyond the fence. I do think our president needs to step in and do something about this, Not only is it wrong, its also inhumane. Like I said, war with our Government Officials.

  • Warren

    Nobody has the time to drop everything they’re doing to deal with somebody else’s kids they let grow up feral. It is indeed tough being homeless, but chances are if you’re homeless you didn’t win life’s lottery and have rich parents. Adjust your plans accordingly, put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

  • Disgusted American

    This is terrifying. People are homeless, often the homesless are people who served our country. Y’all treating them like this makes me sick. Get your shit together and do something to help them, not send them to a camp where they are forced to stay there. This is looking alot like those FEMA concentration camps I heard about.

  • Brandon Meacham

    i know right thats sad

  • Snail mcfurgleson

    These actions, and the people who support them, shame us all. I hope one day we arent so selfish or ignorant. Xtians especially, stop throwing stones.

  • Hope Change Be

    This is truly heartbreaking. My hearts desire for years has been to help the homeless, do mission trips here in America and help our fellow citizens. Who are we to judge the lives of others. Just because YOU personally may not be homeless…what about all the things you have done in your life? Are they worthy of judgement? I’m sure. We instead we choose to LOVE one another. There are already so many negative and cold people in this world. We don’t need anymore. Things will change by help, compassion and love. Because at one point or another, we all need help. Change the world, dont blend in and conform. You have the ability to change one life! You’re that important. You’re here for a reason!

  • Alsoomse
  • RichF

    DECISION RESCINDED….by the way, this was an old story….this happened over 7 months ago.
    After paying heed to the concerns of those who opposed the plan, the city council has revamped the approach to putting an end to homelessness.

    The city will dispense vans that will take people on the streets to the shelter, if they choose to go, and they will be able to stay there for a week before getting transferred to a more stable program that addresses their specific needs.

    The city will also install public bathrooms and garbage cans and will educate people about the city’s loitering and panhandling policies by putting up explicit signs, according to the Free Times.

  • IUsedToBeProudToBeAnAmerican

    Welcome to Amurica. It’s quickly going down the shit hole.

  • Shawn Herman-Gibson

    Anarchy is not a bad thing. It is actually good. The origin of the word anarchy comes from the Greek word anarchos meaning “without ruler or master”, so if you choose to think that anarchy us bad, enjoy tour servitude and realize you are a slave , who has a master.

  • Nami Verasche

    Further justification for rounding up every politician and soldier in the US and summarily executing them in the most painful way possible.

  • Jennifer Lucia

    There is nothing okay with this. This will essentially be a concentration camp, and that should not be okay with anyone in this country. How do you think it started with the Jews? The Nazi regiment told the people that they were creating camps for the Jews until they could deport them to other countries, but instead they exterminated them. I just hope that that’s also not an idea that anyone here gets comfortable with.

  • hitler

    wtf is this? Sounds like naziism coming back.

    …..ignore my name. Hueheuh.

  • LD3340

    A farmer has an orchard full of apples to pick and posted a sign for apple pickers for a fair wage. The sign was posted downtown on the corner where 20 homeless people had been spangin. 15 of them decided to help, one was unable because of his back, and 4 were totally against the farmer and produce industry for what ever reason. At the end of the day, the 4 that sat around were getting hungry, and they saw their “friends” coming. They were tired (apple picking is not easy work) as they neared, the 4 began to ask if they could spare some of their earnings to feed them. Here’s the question: Do you feed the ones who refused to work? Do you feed the sick? I know of another story of a rich man giving 3 poor men some money. One made a killing investing it, the other made normal interest and the third buried his so that it wouldn’t be lost. The last man was sent to hell. “There is no excuse good enough for just being lazy.” A lazy man is a draw on community, his presence takes away from those sick and really in need. And they are a cancer, they repopulate. I am not talking of the sick or injured, I am speaking of those who refuse to work, only to beg from others.

  • ant atkins

    wow so your making concentration camps to put people you see as undesirable or possibly inferior… wasn’t there another group that did that to subjugate people what were they called again?… this sickens me

  • Brad B

    We live in a Republic.

  • Brad B

    Funny people are upset about a homeless shelter and park entrance costs yet do nothing to actually help the situation. Oh you can’t hurt the homeless, but I can’t help them.

  • Martin Ognyanov

    Try doing this in New Orleans and youll have a big ass problem!!!

  • Charles Stockton

    I spent 7 yrs hitch-hiking around my country. (U.S. All forty-eight you can get to) From 17-24. I meet more good people than I did bad. However, I was arrested for vagrancy In numerous states. Encase you aren’t aware of vagrancy laws it’s arresting you for having less than three dollars or whatever set amount on your person, having no id and sticking your thumb out. They charge you $90 or keep you for two weeks till it’s paid then set you back out to get arrested again. Our compassion for someone is lost in this country IS sad. However, as a whole the individuals who make it up are good-hearted people. This article shows the mentality of people who have not gone out there and experienced any ones hardship beyond their own. including people who have never left their own state or city. People who can’t see beyond the nose on their own faces. I think everyone should be homeless at least 2yrs.

  • angela d

    the mentality of most likely Republican idealist

  • Mohammed Abdalla

    what happened to the inspirational “land of the free”? what’s hit it, in these late awkward years, what do we see?